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Moving Day!


So in honor of my buddy Noreaster, I have chosen to be technically correct in giving you my announcement. Since 12:00AM Eastern time is the technically correct time that this message should be available, I have posted it then 🙂

SO, what is it?!?!?!

This blog is moving. I have been working for the last month on designing and hosting a new blog at a new address. This new blog will become my new home. I am hoping that all of you, my faithful readers will follow me over.

There is a post at the new blog, explaining some of the features and requesting a couple things from you regarding changing my links in your blogroll and alos subscribing to my new feed.

So…head on over and enjoy!



Well I am disappointed this week. Early in the week I had a horrid time keeping my cravings under control. I didn’t eat too poorly, but I did not eat appropriately. Also, I only worked out once this last week. I had resigned myself to laying low this week and it showed.

I know for certain I didn’t drink enough water this week. I still ate lots of salad and fruits, but definitely mixed some breads, sugars and larger portions in.

We have some great friends coming in a couple of weeks, so I am committed to taking the next 2 weeks and working hard! I know we will have a more relaxed schedule when they come and I want to know that I’ve gotten closer to my goals before they get here.

So this week, I will be drinking more water. I’ve got a water bottle that’s going with me everywhere now. I will work out a minimum of 4 days this week. I already started last night. And I will be firm on no carbs after 4PM. This will help me from eating when I don’t need to. I’m always hungrier in the evening even when I’ve eaten well during the day, so this will help with the extra pounds.

Well with all that said, Here are this weeks stats…

Beginning week:
Weight 213
Waist 41″
Chest 44 1/4″

Last week!
Weight 198.4
Waist 38”
Chest 43″

This week!
Weight 197.2
Waist 38”
Chest 44″

I dropped another pound and added some back to my chest. I am not surprised about the chest measurement as I’ve been working pretty hard on the weights…besides this last week. I also worked chest last night, so it will tend to be a bit bigger the next day. I am disappointed about the waist. I am anxious to see that thing around 34″!

So let me know how your doing. And don’t forget the big announcement tomorrow AM 🙂

Over the last year I have read post after post about Willow Creek’s new “shift” in ministry. Yes, they are going through changes. Yes, they are evaluating. Yes, they are recognizing successes and failures.

The interesting thing was in the midst of all of this, we started to hear people bash Willow. Basically pointing a finger and saying “we told you so”. Every time I read these kind of articles, I was confused. I couldn’t figure out where these people were getting ther info and why they were convinced they new anything about what Willow Creek was actually doing.

Today Bill Hybels released a short video answering some of the questions. Responding to some of the statements that have been made. And in my opinion redirecting people to who Willow Creek was, is and will always be. He took some time to set the record straight.

Take a moment and check out the video

Bill Hybels Responds

August Rush


I don’t know how many of you have seen this movie. It is a feel good movie. From critics standards, it is not a great film. There are lots of holes in the plot and far fetched possibilities, but, in my opinion, none of that matters.

All my life, I have felt something special in regards to music. I have always known there is more to it than chords and scales. Even more than instruments. There is something inherently spiritual about music. People experience music from all different perspectives. They use music or appreciate music for all different reasons. Some can create it. Others listen intently. All of us can appreciate it deeply.

When I watched this film, it put into words many of the things I have always felt.

I believe very strongly that music is a gift from God. I believe that God has blessed us with something that can’t be explained, but only lived out or experienced. This film showed brilliantly how music is a part of everything around us. And most importantly it is always speaking to us.

Music is not worship, but I believe that music is a direct pathway to worship. I think God’s creation is wrapped up in an amazing symphony. It all works in chord and rhyme. It has all beat and timing. 

It’s hard to express all this in words, I can only try and paint pictures.

The character Wizard in the film said this,

“You know what music is? God’s little reminder that there’s something else besides us in this universe; harmonic connection between all living beings, every where, even the stars.”

Young August and Wizard were talking at one point and this conversation took place,

August Rush: “It’s like someone’s calling out to me, only some of us can hear it.” 
Wizard: “Only some of us are listening.”

This interaction happens in the movie as well,

Juliard Teacher: “How do you do it, how does the music come to you?”
August: “It’s like someone’s calling out to me, writing it all down is like I’m calling back to them”
Juliard Teacher: “Who?”
August: “The ones who gave me the music” 

This is the only place where this movie leaves my train of thought. In the movie, August creates his music,  because he believes his parents will hear it and find him. This makes for beautiful cinema, but does not line up with God’s intent.

But August does make this statement,

Wizard: “What do you want to be in the world? I mean the whole world. What do you want to be? Close your eyes and think about that.” 
August Rush: “Found.”

We all are looking for something and I believe that we are all void and in need of being found. I believe, God is calling out to us. I believe that music was created by God to draw us to Him. Some choose to worship themselves through it. Some choose to worship the music itself. Some use the music to seek something else.

But He is there, He is calling, we just need to listen.



Thought I’d give you all an update on our camping/fishing trip this last weekend.

Dakota and I had a great time. We spent more time on the water than on land. It was refreshing and a blast.

Last night we had a feast. My brother and his family as well as my folks came over and we enjoyed some fresh Rainbow Trout.

How was your weekend?