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So this week I am reading through a fun book. It is “God’s Blogs” by Lanny Donoho. The premise of this book is that God has something to say and he wants us all to hear it. So, God has started a blog 🙂 It takes time to hear God speak(truths from His word) about […]

If you are not famliar with Facebook, it is time to check it out. It is a new contender in the online community movement. I’ve been playing with it for about a month now. At one time I was a part of MySpace and found it to be too juvenile and sexual. It was not […]

Have you seen shirts that have the really clever phrases that speak of our “Christian” culture? I am sure you have. There are all kinds. Some look good, some look terrible. Some are clever, some are dumb. I have been ranting in my head lately over what seems like and increased volume of “Christian” marketing. […]

Today at church, I was talking to one of our electric players and he reminded me of this young girl named Akaine (thanks Al). I remembered reading about her a long time ago. Al sent me the link to her website. This 12 year old girl had a life changing spiritual transformation when she was […]

So I had to take last week off from reading due to my crazy schedule during the fair. But I am back up and running. This week I read through the book “Who You Are When No One’s looking” by Bill Hybels. Here is the basic overview. Easy book to read. A quick read actually. […]



So I received a challenge from my wife today. She was “tagged” by another blogger to answer some questions and post them up. She then “tagged” me to do the same. So here we go… 5 things I wanna do before I die: 1-Be debt free2-Travel around Europe3-See Tammy’s mom and family come to know […]

I am so tired. I can’t get into a normal schedule this week. All the late nights last week have screwed up my sleep patterns. We have been at my parents house the last 4 nights painting. That’s exhausting. I am so sick of paint. I have paint all over me and I am too […]