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Online Bible


There is a newer online Bible I wanted to tell you about. I am not paid for this and I have not been asked to endorse anything, I truly love this online Bible. It’s called You Version. It is still in Beta testing and in my opinion has already surpassed other resources already. Here’s the […]



I had you give me the first thing that came to mind for a series of words. A couple really stood out to me as you gave me your thoughts. One was “Justice”. Here are your thoughts on justice: Illusion, will never be fair this side of heaven, very much needed to end the genocide […]

Check It Out!


I have always been so proud of my wife. She’s gorgeous, she’s an amazing wife and mom and she’s is truly my best friend. As many have noted, I am not worthy and should never have ended up with her. Thanks guys 🙂 Anyway, she is a part of some great new stuff and I […]

We have a bunch of different people who read and participate on this blog. From Christian to atheist. From emergent to fundamental. From young to old. From male to female 🙂 Anyway, I am curious to hear from all of you and your diversity. Take these words and tell me the first thing that comes […]

So I am sitting here. It’s Friday AM. I’m enjoying a day off and catching up on the blog world. My wife is on a video conference call with Mandy. They are creating some sort of world domination video. This is cracking me up! I think the plan is to start some sort of new […]

My wife wrote a great post a while back called “Alright! Who lost God again?” Tonight I saw this over on Matthew Paul turner’s Blog and it cracked me up!

Last month, I wrote a post regarding some frustrations I was having with things I do or don’t do. Personal expectations, Managing time, accomplishing tasks and things like that. One of my blog friends asked me a question. “Are you willing to entertain the idea that God has absolutely no expectations of you?” This was […]