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New Site


Just a reminder if your still following my old feed or if you happen to stop by. I’ve moved, come join the fun. Also, if you could update your blogroll, that would be appreciated! Advertisements

So, many of you have those little pictures that pop up next to your comments on blogs. They are called Avatars. Each blog has it’s own little way of dealing with them. Some have them big, some small, but most are using them in some way. Here’s the issue though. Let’s say you are a […]

#1 Thank you. The question I asked could have become a minefield of opinions and arguments. My intent was not to find out if this would happen, but I knew it could. All of you chose instead to focus on the question and lay your thoughts out there. #2 This question came after reading a […]

Question: As Christians, are we saved from something or saved to something? This is not meant to be loaded. This is not singular in it’s thought. This could go a whole bunch of ways. Maybe it’s just you saying what you think it means to be saved. Let me hear you…

The last 2 days have been a whirlwind! Tammy and I left Thursday AM and headed North to the Portland area to attend a memorial service for a friend. Traffic on the 4 hour drive was ridiculous. Probably the worst I have ever experienced in the state of Oregon! It made us about 10 minutes […]

Cleaning House


I am going to be working around the blog in the next couple days. Gonna be cleaning house a bit. I will be playing with templates…my sidebars…and my blogroll. I have a crap load of blogs in my blogroll. Don’t get me wrong, they are all great and I’ve recieved something from each of them. […]

Questions #2


Alright, in honor of the weekend and a generally more relaxed involvement in the blog world, I thought I’d answer some of the “less pressing” questions 🙂 Enjoy… Cheryl Why do you blog? I started blogging as a way to work on the discipline of journaling. I wanted an outlet to ask questions and mull […]