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Alright, when did it become ok to be so angry? Every time I turn on the TV, someone is pissed. I’m not sure what it is, maybe caffeine, traffic, bosses? I’m not sure. It’s almost necessary to be angry to communicate, or should I say to be heard. We don’t discuss, we argue. We don’t […]

I love Toys


Being the tech freak that I am, I get excited about strange things. Like when there is a new announcement from Digidesign that they are going to help improve my life as a user of their software. Or I have to replace cables at FOH, cause the video inputs are getting scratchy (a trip to […]

Go Colts!


Great game! Wife is pretty upset…

This new world


So I am sitting here watching the Colts vs Patriots game…go Colts…and wondering what I’ve gotten myself into. As I talked to my wife about what I believe it takes to manage and upkeep a blog (because Ive been reading some that are extremely valuable to me and effective), she made the statement that I […]

I was looking around at some other blogs and saw a link to this… Christian music vs. music by Christians I guess letting you know how I responded to it, is the best way to start this thing going… I am concerned about one overwhelming theme here. How are we classifying accomplishment? Why is it […]