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Today is the last day of 2007. That’s weird! Where has the first decade of the 2000’s gone? Holy cow. As you look around the blog world today, you will see a lot of post regarding resolutions, top 10 posts, best celebrity screw ups, funny stories, sad stories. I am sure there will be great […]

So, we are hanging in Eugene getting ready to enjoy some U of O basketball.We had two inches of snow at our house when we left this morning so I was wondering what the trip was going to be, but travel was great. So we got here and went straight to the Apple store. Love […]

I thought I’d check in and give a little update. It has been a very busy season. As most of you know, being a leader at a church, Christmas is one of the busiest seasons of the year. I have had a blast with everything going on at church, home and around town. Thank you […]

Merry Christmas! My hope is that everyone reading this is enjoying a day of rest, peace and relationship. There has been a lot of great discussion over what this season is and how we should respond to it. The reality for me is that today is a day to remember the birth of my Savior […]

My Son (like many others I am sure) is the biggest football fan in the world. Even more than that, he is the biggest University of Oregon football fan. Frankly our entire family was heartbroken when Dennis Dixon went down and the Ducks went flat this year…ooh what could have been. Anyway, my son had […]

Blog Finds…


I was browsing around the blog world tonight. Clicking on links of links of links and this hilarious post popped up. Thought you might enjoy. It is “Top 10 most embarrassing ways to die in the Bible”. That just cracks me up. Fun read. If you like that one, you’ll have to click over to […]

Hope and Legend


Last night I went to see “I Am Legend”. (I will not be handing out any spoilers, so it is safe to read) It’s been a long time since I have actually been excited about a movie opening and I hardly ever attend opening night. I was not disappointed at all. My son and I […]