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Fish Camp 08′


Right now, I am enjoying an amazing weekend with my son and 100 other guys from our church. Each year we hold an event called Fish Camp. It is a chance for guys of all ages to hang out together and camp, fish, BBQ and anything else you can do in the middle of the […]



I am blown away by all of you that were able to join us last night for our live video chat. That was awesome! Tam and I and the whole family are humbled that all of you would want to take some of your precious time and spend it on us. We most definitely will […]



Come join us at When you get there, the page will open and load in our Live camera feed. There you can type in a nickname, and talk to us live! Alright, who’s out there?!?!

Don’t forget! Join us tonight here at this blog (or my wife’s blog) at 6PM Pacific time. You will receive directions when you arrive 🙂

Perspective. Life is all about perspective. Looking at something differently can all of a sudden bring that thing to life. What once was depressing or frustrating, with a simple turn, can become something exciting and beautiful. We watched “The Golden Compass” tonight. I loved it! It kept me entertained, never slowed down and it was […]

So, many of you have those little pictures that pop up next to your comments on blogs. They are called Avatars. Each blog has it’s own little way of dealing with them. Some have them big, some small, but most are using them in some way. Here’s the issue though. Let’s say you are a […]

Make sure you are here at the blog at 6PM West Coast time on Thursday night! That’s all I’m saying