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I Twittered about this on Saturday, but Steve encouraged me to write a post, so I could expand on it for you. My job at Table Rock is to watch over everything that deals with music and tech as well as service programming. My job is most definitely about details and cues. Its about problem […]

Hope I didn’t freak you out with the title, but what if you only had 30 days to live? How would you feel? Would you be able to live fully? Would you fall into depression? Would you look back on your life and be pleased or frustrated? Would you feel like you have said or […]

The last 2 days have been a whirlwind! Tammy and I left Thursday AM and headed North to the Portland area to attend a memorial service for a friend. Traffic on the 4 hour drive was ridiculous. Probably the worst I have ever experienced in the state of Oregon! It made us about 10 minutes […]

I heard a someone say once, to “make misery your ministry”. I finally understood that today. There is a great guy at our church. His name is Chuck. Last year, Chuck’s teenage son was killed in a car accident. To make things worse, two others in the car with him were killed as well. The […]