Moving Day!


So in honor of my buddy Noreaster, I have chosen to be technically correct in giving you my announcement. Since 12:00AM Eastern time is the technically correct time that this message should be available, I have posted it then 🙂

SO, what is it?!?!?!

This blog is moving. I have been working for the last month on designing and hosting a new blog at a new address. This new blog will become my new home. I am hoping that all of you, my faithful readers will follow me over.

There is a post at the new blog, explaining some of the features and requesting a couple things from you regarding changing my links in your blogroll and alos subscribing to my new feed.

So…head on over and enjoy!



6 Responses to “Moving Day!”

  1. 1 alece



  2. Ditto…I thought maybe so, is Tam going as well or just a redo?

  3. Glad you guys figured it out 🙂

  4. You’re SO high maintenance. 🙄

    heehee 😉

  5. And I held off an HOUR checking thinking “well he said not until 8am west coast time!” and even still I checked early.

    See, I can still get excited even when I already know! HAHA!! 😆

    So, how long will be at this new address????

  6. Brandy…this one’s for good 🙂

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