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Thought I’d give you all an update on our camping/fishing trip this last weekend. Dakota and I had a great time. We spent more time on the water than on land. It was refreshing and a blast. Last night we had a feast. My brother and his family as well as my folks came over […]



Come join us at When you get there, the page will open and load in our Live camera feed. There you can type in a nickname, and talk to us live! Alright, who’s out there?!?!

Don’t forget! Join us tonight here at this blog (or my wife’s blog) at 6PM Pacific time. You will receive directions when you arrive 🙂

Make sure you are here at the blog at 6PM West Coast time on Thursday night! That’s all I’m saying

This morning, we headed out as a family to my sons elementary school for the annual talent show. Things you can expect… -The school comedian making everyone laugh. -The sweet little girl that can’t be heard, cause you can’t turn the music low enough to hear he. -The broadway star, who’s mom does the entire […]

On Tuesday’s I play in a club volleyball league. In high school I loved playing and it’s great to be able to do that today. Last night my daughter Kassidi wanted to come along and hang out. She enjoys playing volleyball, so we had a chance to hit around and warm up a little together […]

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