3 Days And Counting…



39 Responses to “3 Days And Counting…”

  1. 1 alece

    ha ha ha. that’s fantastic.

  2. 2 brandy

    The tape should also be around his ankles. Or not.

  3. Tam and I do this all the time 😯

  4. 4 alece

    i’ll pass the suggestion along to niel.

  5. 5 tawny

    All your secrets are starting to get annoying. 🙂

  6. 6 brandy

    Kinky 😯

  7. Alece, good idea.

    Tawny, I love making you squirm.

    Brandy, What? 🙂

  8. 8 brandy

    I said: The tape should also be around his ankles. Or not.

    You said: Tam and I do this all the time 😯

    I said: Kinky. 😯


  9. What?


  10. Very funny.

    Actually, it is very funny. I’m laughing really hard right now. HAHA!!!

  11. KINKY!!! I SAID KINKY!!!!


  12. Ya…I know

  13. 😉

    Later dude. Gotta go do the dreaded checkbook. *sigh*

  14. That should be fun!

  15. That was actually on the truck? That’s hilarious!

  16. Billy, they have a whole series of these.

    You may even see a couple more over the next couple of days 🙂

  17. 17 tam

    i like pink duct tape

  18. 18 tam

    im just sayin’

  19. 😯

  20. would you also some lined with fur?? 😯

  21. 21 TheNorEaster

    Okay. I only have a 32% blogging addiction so I’ve got to ask: What’s with the countdown? Are you and The Fam moving to TheNorthEast or something to be closer to your blogging buddies? I know you might have mentioned it before, what going on, somewhere, but I guess I missed it. Somewhere.

    So, please, tell me. What’s with the coundown?

  22. 22 TheNorEaster

    Umm…Brandy is laughing because she said, “Kinky…?”

    Did I get that right…?

  23. 23 tam

    Nor – shes laughing because she has a speech impediment and certain things just dont come out right.

    we need to be gentle with her. its a sensitive subject 😆

  24. Noreaster, you’ll just have to hang for 2 more days 🙂

    There is no inside joke though…everybody is in the dark…except Brandy. She’s always in our business 🙂

  25. I have a speech impediment AND I’m always up in your business??? 😯

    Wow, I’ve clearly got issues. 😆

  26. Ya, but we love every issue you’ve got 🙂

  27. HAHAHAHA!!!!

    Well bless your heart. 😆 heehee

  28. Nice 🙂

  29. I said that with my best old baptist lady twist too. 😉

  30. I bet you sounded just like Mandy…


    Did you just call Mandy OLD??? 😯

  32. Opps 🙂

    Actually Mandy said, “bless your heart” to me the other day…I was deeply offended. Or not.

  33. Hey, I “drew” you. 😆


    Having them guess at Mandy’s 😉 heehee

  34. Hahahahaha!!!

    That’s awesome! Of course the goat is gone now, you’ll have to do one with a beard 🙂

  35. A BEARD?!?!

  36. Didn’t you see the pic from fish camp?

  37. 37 Darla

    😆 someone actually did that to make someone put out the warning… 😯 I love to read the warnings on things.. like super glue should not ever be put up your nose. WHAT!? yup someone did it..now everyone gets the memo to don’t do it! hahahahha

  38. 38 Nevin

    I know the next gen I phone is coming out this week…Have you been saving your pop can money??


  39. Darla, I think that was more based on humor than actual issues, but they are funny!

    Nevin, no luck there 😦

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