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Hair is the first thing. And teeth the second. Hair and teeth. A man got those two things he’s got it all. -James Brown  There has been some discussion recently of a specific hairdo, that I once was the owner of. I need to take a minute and share with you my thoughts on this… […]

I spoke a couple weeks ago about my frustration with the Media’s involvement in the Presidential race. It is bad enough that we have to endure it for 2 years. we also have to wade through the murky waters the media have created. How can we even get to know a candidate these days? It […]

Just playing with a different template. Hope all you blog friends don’t mind. I enjoyed the other template, but I wanted a little more space for specific rows of data and also a bigger font. I think this is easier to read and I will continue to try and keep it as clean as I […]

My buddy Joel over at CECWorship just wrote and amazing post. A call to action and a confirmation to live justly and passionately for our God. He is doing what I have felt incapable to do this week. He is an encouragement to me and you should let it be to you as well. Go […]

So I sit here watching Virginia Tech and Boston College go at it. Of course being a Duck fan, I am rooting for VT, I want to see them knock Boston(sorry Mandy) out of the top ten and give our Ducks another spot. So far I have no point, so let’s get to it. I […]

I had to post this. I was dying watching this. Enjoy! HT:Terry Storch

Angels Unaware


My wife and I were driving around today running some errands and we pulled up to an intersection as we got off the freeway. As we came to a stop, we looked over and there was someone begging at the intersection. Something struck me different about him. First of all, he had a ton of […]