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This weekend was fun. I was scheduled to be off this weekend from Worship leading, so my other Worship leader had put together the service and I was going to enjoy some down time with the family. However, I received a last minute call from my sound tech that he had to work. So, I […]

So we talked quickly about being media green a couple of weeks ago. I had to show this to you guys. Some of you said you would never read a book on a computer, that you’ve got to have a literal book in your hands. Well, it isn’t exactly the same, BUT…meet “Kindle” from […]

Yesterday, I introduced you(if you hadn’t already been) to Pete Bishop. Cool guy. Well, today he’s got a new post that you’ve got to read. If you are a musician or a part of a worship team…go and read this! Way to go Pete.

iPod Touch


So I have been working hard at church this AM, watching the Apple announcement of their new iPods. We’ve been keeping in touch with this right here… Very cool new iPods, now called the iPod Touch. 8/16gig, they look an feel exactly like the iPhone. They are WiFi, access via Safari and have access to […]



So I was reading this post here (Thanks Matt for the Buzz list) and thought it would be cool to check into one of the online services he mentioned. StumbleUpon. I’ve been playing with this for the last day or so, and I am addicted. Essentially, StumbleUpon lets you classify your interests and then allows […]

Joost TV


I want to thank Terry Storch for blessing me with a “friend invite” to try out the new online TV service called Joost. I’ve been playing around for the last couple of days with it and it’s pretty cool. I have had a few glitches with overall speed, but not too bad. you definitely would […]

If you read this, you know what’s going on. Took the hard drive down and they transfered everything over to the new drive. Got the new drive home and…nothing. The Mac isn’t reading it. I believe they formatted the drive incorrectly. Oh well, we will try again tomorrow.