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Here is the video to kick off our new series on Urban Legends and Spiritual Myths. Remember to check in and keep up with the blog for the new series over here… See you this weekend! Advertisements

Joost TV


I want to thank Terry Storch for blessing me with a “friend invite” to try out the new online TV service called Joost. I’ve been playing around for the last couple of days with it and it’s pretty cool. I have had a few glitches with overall speed, but not too bad. you definitely would […]



I can’t wait till you all see the video for this weekend. It has been a blast working on it. David Choate and Brent Friesen are hilarious, but I think the stand out comic is Bobby Baugh. It’s gonna be fun! We are going to focus on “Absolute Truth” this weekend. So much of society […]

Friday’s are my days off. Usually that means my wife and I have some time to do nothing but hang together. Garage sale season is upon us, so I am sure that will be a heavy part of our routine…she says its because of me that we garage sale…ok, maybe she’s right. Anyway, we’ve been […]

So we are finishing up a sermon series this weekend here at TRF, called “Overcome”. It has been really cool going through the book of Acts and being challenged as a church to go deeper as a community and as individuals. I am really excited for a new series we start next week called “Urban […]

Over A Week!


In my blogging adventures, I have looked for and read numerous great articles and even excerpts from a book I purchased, about what not to do with your blog. Of course the one that is most important is to not let there be a lot of dead time on your blog. I should be writing […]