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I am convinced that the world is out of touch with the church. It’s like they’ve created this little bubble that keeps them safe from others. They hardly come out of it. They’ve even created their own languages. It is not often that someone ventures out, but when they do, they quickly run back in […]

I like the thoughts that came up as we discussed the last post. The jist…as Christians we need to know what we believe. A couple things that stand out to me. #1 Too many Christians are still feeding on milk. Let me clarify this. I believe evidence of a Godly life is one that displays […]

“The opposite of consumption is production. It takes far more time and energy to create something than to consume something. It takes a novelist a year to write a book that someone can read in a few days…[often] our only recreational activities are actions of consumption.” — Albert Hsu, The Suburban Christian: Finding Spiritual Vitality […]

This weekend was fun. I was scheduled to be off this weekend from Worship leading, so my other Worship leader had put together the service and I was going to enjoy some down time with the family. However, I received a last minute call from my sound tech that he had to work. So, I […]

When we look at life, we generally are looking at ways to improve it. There is always room for growth. We never really finish, we continue to learn. We see the strengths and capitalize on them. We do our best to be honest about our weaknesses and we hit them straight on. Of course, it […]

Questions #3


Alrighty then…(sorry I watched Ace Ventura last night and it’s still in my head) There will be one more post to finish answering all of your great questions. I’ve done my best to order the questions with some sort of theme and these fall into that…”hearing God/why are you called” category. Here we go… GodsGal […]

Questions #1


Let’s get this thing started. I love the questions and today I want to focus on those that have to do with my role and tasks as a Pastor. Please feel free to ask even more questions after you’ve read what I’ve had to say. Maybe it brings up a thought or maybe I didn’t […]