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So, many of you have those little pictures that pop up next to your comments on blogs. They are called Avatars. Each blog has it’s own little way of dealing with them. Some have them big, some small, but most are using them in some way. Here’s the issue though. Let’s say you are a […]



I wanted to say thank you today to all of the amazing service men and women in our country. I don’t understand what you have gone through or are yet to go through. But I can truly say I understand the freedom you have allowed me to enjoy. Thank You. I was reminded of that […]

I’ve been tagged by a couple friends to complete a 6 word meme. Here and here. I don’t follow directions, so the simple deal is this. In 6 words describe my life… “Two steps forward, one step back.” My life is a journey. I will not be complete till the day I see my Savior […]

The last post definitely struck a chord.  givemejesus, gave us a link to a great post in his comment. If you have a chance, go check the post out. As I read through it, the author gave us 2 questions to consider, and I want to give them to you as well. I am completely sold […]

Online Bible


There is a newer online Bible I wanted to tell you about. I am not paid for this and I have not been asked to endorse anything, I truly love this online Bible. It’s called You Version. It is still in Beta testing and in my opinion has already surpassed other resources already. Here’s the […]

God is in the business of transforming lives. I believe that wholeheartedly. A wonderful blog friend of mine Joe has given us a chance to hear his testimony. It is not one you will soon forget. In fact there may be many that could benefit from or be encouraged by his writing. Take a few […]

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” -Ghandi I have heard this quote before and I completely agree with it. We as Christians are often the #1 reason, Jesus is ignored or even worse…hated. Oprah has been getting some criticism lately from Christians. I disagree […]