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For the next couple of days, my involvement in the blog world will be limited. 15 Pastors and leaders from our church head out tomorrow for Central California. We are headed down to attend a one day conference put together by Crossroads Grace Community Church in Manteca. They are hosting this one day event which […]

We figured if we were coming all the way to Chicago, we might as well stay for church at Willow Creek. Tammy and I are siiting in the church getting ready for their Saturday night service. They are celebrating Father’s Day pretty big. They’ve go a huge car show tomorrow that includes 100’s of custom […]

Last Session


This is ending way too soon. Tom, Ron and I were blessed to be able to go to Dallas last year for an amazing leaders conference and it changed me in amazing ways. That does not begin to describe what God is doing here in me right now. Tammy just asked what was the thing […]

This is the 3rd day of the conference and we had our 4th main session today. It was an incredible time of reflecting on our ministry work and the difficulty to be honest in it. We often approach ministry with justification and we make it religious and legalistic. in doing this, the danger can be […]

These are just general pics of Willow Creek. I posted a few yesterday of the Auditorium. these are of the bookstore, one of the numerous lounge areas, A small part of the Foyer, the coffee bar, the Water Wall, The Food Court we ate in and the view of their lake from the food court. […]

I have many fears in life…. I fear that while dining with my husband in apublic restaurant he may leave to use the restroom and leave me stranded,eating alone, oh my – how awkward! I fear ants – I know! I fear sending myson to camp knowing he packed his suitcase without my help or […]

Session #3


This session started with the Willow Creek Worship team playing a great instrumental. We then took some time to hear some stories from attenders regarding “disasters” that have taken place in worship services. Very funny. Speaker: Dan KimballPanel of People: Dan Kimball, Nancy Beach, David Loveless, Brian McClaren, Sally Morgenthaler, Efrem Smith, Shauna Niequist This […]