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Many of you have read through some of my book reviews. I took on a 10 books in 10 weeks discipline this Summer I called “Reading Rainbow”and it was incredible. I am going to continue to read and review books, but on a more relaxed pace. I will have at least a book a month […]

So this week for “Reading Rainbow” , I read through “The Air I Breathe” by Louie Giglio. I love this guy. Extremely passionate, knows the Word and loves to Worship. This was a smaller book, kind of a devotional size book, so it was easy to get through. Giglio is easy to understand. He captures […]

I wanted to give everyone an update on my 10 books in 10 weeks discipline, “Reading Rainbow”. First of all, I am making a ton of new blog world friends and there are a bunch of new visitors, so let me explain. Over the past 9 weeks I have been reading a book a week […]

Thought I’d let you all know that my Dad went home today. They released him a day early. They felt he is doing very well. He feels much better. He is Still a little week and does not have a great appetite, but he is home. I think they are wanting to come down here […]

I just want to say thank you all so much! I just sounded southern…maybe I shouldn’t frequent Mandy’s blog so much :). I really do appreciate all the thoughtful calls emails and comments regarding my Dad. I was overwhelmed at church this morning. So many of you care and it shows. Thank You! We have […]

The next book I will be reading for “Reading Rainbow” will be “Under The Overpass” by Mike Yankoski. Here is an excerpt from the back cover of the book. “Mike Yankoski’s life went from upper-middle class plush to scum-of-the-earth repulsive overnight. From the United States Capital to San Diego, Mike and his traveling companion, Sam […]

Last week I read through 2 books. I spoke of the first here and then I made mention to the second here. The second book was “Stand Against The Wind” by Erwin McManus. It is interesting to read this book the week after I read through Bill Hybels book. They both are essentially speaking to […]