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Come join us at When you get there, the page will open and load in our Live camera feed. There you can type in a nickname, and talk to us live! Alright, who’s out there?!?! Advertisements

Don’t forget! Join us tonight here at this blog (or my wife’s blog) at 6PM Pacific time. You will receive directions when you arrive 🙂

Make sure you are here at the blog at 6PM West Coast time on Thursday night! That’s all I’m saying

We played a video today in church to celebrate Mothers Day. The premise was, “you owe her”. It was hilarious as one man explained to another the reasons for giving Mothers everywhere a whole day, just for them. I have two ladies to celebrate today, my own Mother, and the mother of my kids. I […]

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I have always been so proud of my wife. She’s gorgeous, she’s an amazing wife and mom and she’s is truly my best friend. As many have noted, I am not worthy and should never have ended up with her. Thanks guys 🙂 Anyway, she is a part of some great new stuff and I […]

So I am sitting here. It’s Friday AM. I’m enjoying a day off and catching up on the blog world. My wife is on a video conference call with Mandy. They are creating some sort of world domination video. This is cracking me up! I think the plan is to start some sort of new […]

My wife wrote a great post a while back called “Alright! Who lost God again?” Tonight I saw this over on Matthew Paul turner’s Blog and it cracked me up!