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So here is the first post for the “Reading Rainbow”! I am very excited to inform you that I finished the first book. Trust me, this is a great day. So let’s get on with it. This weeks book was, “The Coffeehouse Gospel” by Matthew Paul Tuner. The focus of this book is the techniques […]



If you haven’t heard of the national phenomenon called the iPhone…you have been hibernating. Welcome back. Anyway, the iPhone is being touted as one of the greatest electronics debuts this decade. It has been hyped into being the #1 story all over news stations and talk shows…besides maybe a couple items on Ms. Hilton. It […]

Alright, I have decided…the name shall be Reading Rainbow. That just seriously cracks me up! Now I have to think of a prize for the winner. Maybe… Anyway, great ideas!

“Slowly walking down the hallFaster than a cannonballWhere were you when we were getting high?” -Oasis

Crazy Day


So today we started the first annual Soccer Bible Camp. Sponsored by TRF and FCA. It was a blast, but also exhausting. We have around 70 kids and we kept them going for 3 1/2 hours. It was fun getting to know some of the kids that I don’t see normally. We spent time going […]

You guys have got to help come up with a name for the “reading adventure” I am on. One of our Pastors came into the office today and said, “How’s it going? I’m keeping you accountable. Don’t mess up.” Of course some of the may be paraphrased. After he left, I started thinking. if you […]

I spoke about this a couple of weeks ago. First of all, I need a better name. Maybe you guys can come up with something better than “Adventures in Literature”. Let me know. Here’s the deal, and you guys can keep me accountable. My plan is to read 10 books in 10 weeks. Starting this […]