Well I am disappointed this week. Early in the week I had a horrid time keeping my cravings under control. I didn’t eat too poorly, but I did not eat appropriately. Also, I only worked out once this last week. I had resigned myself to laying low this week and it showed.

I know for certain I didn’t drink enough water this week. I still ate lots of salad and fruits, but definitely mixed some breads, sugars and larger portions in.

We have some great friends coming in a couple of weeks, so I am committed to taking the next 2 weeks and working hard! I know we will have a more relaxed schedule when they come and I want to know that I’ve gotten closer to my goals before they get here.

So this week, I will be drinking more water. I’ve got a water bottle that’s going with me everywhere now. I will work out a minimum of 4 days this week. I already started last night. And I will be firm on no carbs after 4PM. This will help me from eating when I don’t need to. I’m always hungrier in the evening even when I’ve eaten well during the day, so this will help with the extra pounds.

Well with all that said, Here are this weeks stats…

Beginning week:
Weight 213
Waist 41″
Chest 44 1/4″

Last week!
Weight 198.4
Waist 38”
Chest 43″

This week!
Weight 197.2
Waist 38”
Chest 44″

I dropped another pound and added some back to my chest. I am not surprised about the chest measurement as I’ve been working pretty hard on the weights…besides this last week. I also worked chest last night, so it will tend to be a bit bigger the next day. I am disappointed about the waist. I am anxious to see that thing around 34″!

So let me know how your doing. And don’t forget the big announcement tomorrow AM 🙂


12 Responses to “NMFAPIMWLC: Week #5”

  1. Not a bad week for taking it a little easier. Definately can’t complain about the chest going back up an inch if it is muscle. 🙂

    I had a big week last week with a 4.6 pound lose to bring my total up to 17.8. I still need to get moving on activity. I have started doing stupid little things like taking the shopping cart all the way back into the store and parking further away. I have also allowed my dog to drag me around alot more. I really like my exersise ball but i am sure I am suppose to do more than sit on it. 🙂

  2. Theressa Awesome! Your rolling.

    Take the stairs whenever you can too. That always adds a little more exercise 🙂

  3. 3 Deborah

    “Definately can’t complain about the chest going back up an inch if it is muscle.” Funny that’s one complaint I’ve never heard from Jer… 😆

    I’m pretty determined this week as well…I’ve lost a total of 15 pounds, and while it’s slow, and I have a bit to go, it feels good to make a life change with lasting effects…;)

  4. Deb, the life change thing for me is th biggest. I have to take better care of y heart and conditioning. this will definitely be doing that!

  5. 5 tam

    Deb – hahahahaha!

  6. 6 Darla

    HEY!! that is still good! sometimes there are weeks when you lose little but you tone more, and its all good. Just sticking to it is the thing!

    I lost three pounds this week and another two inches through my middle..hahaha and I checked the mirror to make sure it just didn’t shift to my butt :rolls: but my exercise has been stepped up-reconing mini buses 5 hours a day for extra cash..and convincing myself that it is better than the gym as I don’t pay for the work out, and they pay me 😆

    its defintely about drinking lots of water and cutting the food off after 6 for me. I am not eating anything after supper, and limiting myself to one sugar a day..but I do use splenda in my coffee..and lie to myself that it is sweet! (I am seriously missing my oreos..but as I am going to soon be with you all..I am pushing hard too so that I can not think so hard about it then.. 😆 that was funny when I read that, and wanted to say “B get out of my head..thats my plan” well you know what they say about great minds!

  7. 7 tawny

    Well, it is good to know you are human! I was starting to get nervous. 🙂 I stayed the same this week, but I have been wanting healthy food more and been exercising more. So everything good counts!

  8. Darla, great minds…I like that 🙂 nice job!

    Tawny, I am most definitely am human!

  9. You still made progress, that is good!

    I stayed the same, what with 2 days of birthday/bridal cake. So I’m happy I didn’t add 5lbs.

  10. 10 Kim

    Found you through dustin on twitter, and I’m glad I did. I am sooooo doing this challenge! Can I put that little banner thing on my blog?? 😀 God bless -Kim

  11. Kim, welcome!

    Absolutely. take it and use it!

    join in. If you want, post every Monday about your progress and also, check out others involved. I have everyone’s link on my week 4 post.

  12. Theressa, thats a win in my book. Happy Birthday. Sorry we had to miss the party!

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