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C3 Conference


Last year. Myself and 2 other Pastors from TRF were able to attend the C3 conference. In a lot of ways, it changed who we are as a team and definitely as individuals. This year, we were not able to attend, but our Creative Director Dave and his wife have been there. I have had […]

Can I just say, I…with great passion…do not like to be on hold. I don’t like the music I have to listen to. I don’t like the computer lady that talks to me every 30 seconds. I don’t like the advertisements I have to listen to. I don’t like the sweat that builds up on […]

Last night, we went over to my brother’s house to hang for dinner and a movie. We had planned for a while to watch “Facing The Giants”. We were finally going to have that chance. I knew that watching this movie was going to challenge me as a Christian. What I didn’t realize was how […]

I was thinking this AM about things I hate to do as a leader. I don’t know what brought it on. Maybe things I have put aside to deal with at another time were coming up, or maybe I wasn’t interested in talking to someone about an issue. I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like […]

I have to begin by saying that our Church leadership has always seen the importance of doing things well and having the correct tools to get the job done. A couple of weeks ago, our church invested into our future with some new audio equipment. We purchased a new Digital console by Digidesign. I’ve had […]

I was fortunate to go with my kids to see Switchfoot last night. My kids adore them. We were able to take my son last year for his B-day to see them, so he was excited to have them here in his home town. We new the promoter for the event, so the kids were […]

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since I last wrote anything here. If you read my first post, you will see that I can be…undisciplined. BUT, this had nothing to do with it. I’ve been running crazy the last couple of weeks. It started 2 weeks ago. We installed a new FOH console at […]