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OK, this killed me!!!! Advertisements

So a friend of mine, who asked to remain behind the scenes, had a great response/comment to my last post I want to print it here for you. These comments expand on the thoughts of the Sun activity. It is longer due to scripture reference, but I don’t want to edit it… Interesting information and […]

Don’t know how many of you have seen this article? Scientists believe they have recorded the Sun singing! That’s right…singing. They have shown that there are specific frequencies that resonate from the Sun’s atmosphere. They go on to say that when the Sun sets off flares and such, there are even more sounds that are […]

So, I am on vacation. I actually turned my phone off today for a while. That was weird. You may be asking why the heck I am on the computer. Well, I can’t let that go, but I will be off my lap quite a bit. I may blog if I get a chance, I […]

My Nephew


So I am hanging with my little nephew right now. He’s pretty cool!

Alright, I want to say I really appreciate the couple of you that check this page out frequently…even daily. I have let you down this last month. It’s been busy for sure. It’s been too long since my last blog. Thank you for your interest and commitment. So, anyway, Easter was amazing. I really enjoyed […]