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Tag – Part 2


Ok, so as I posted earlier today, I have been tagged twice this week. The second tag was by Joel over at CEC Worship. Go check him out. He wanted me to post my favorite movie clips. THIS IS HARD! There have been so many movies I’ve enjoyed, funny to serious, intense to relaxed. So […]

So I have been “tagged” not once, but twice this week. My good friend Cheryl over at In A Foreign Land has tagged me for a Middle Name Meme. And my new blog pal Joel over at CEC Worship has tagged me to blog about my favorite movie clip(s). So I thought I’d do this […]

We were talking over at Billy Chia’s blog about what we do for fun as families. A couple of nights ago our fam stepped outside on a beautiful evening and decided to play some dart tag. Our live-in/older daughter/babysitter/best friend Rachele (With 1 “L” by the way) purchased a little dart gun game and we […]

Just A Reminder


Based on the current discussion, I just saw this and had to post it… Thanks to Cries if the Heart

OK, before anyone freaks out, I have no intention on abandoning my relationship with God and nothing about who I put my faith and hope in has changed. But, here is the deal. I don’t want to be called a Christian anymore. I cannot stand what a Christian is considered to be in today’s society. […]

We had a chance this afternoon to head out to the Oregon coast for a quick there and back trip. Our friend Rachele had a meeting to talk to a local High School administration there about getting FCA going. It was a good meeting. we took advantage of a beautiful day on the sand and […]

Last night was an incredible evening. We’ve been fortunate at Table Rock to host many different concerts and worship events and it has been interesting to see what the artists are like when they come through. Most of the time, the artists have been friendly and interested in others. A couple of timesĀ  a band […]