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Yesterday’s posts drummed up some intense response. Some were sickened by my state of weakness. Others thought I should be ashamed for my vivid representation of pain. And there were some that flat out verbalized their hate, in my time of need. To all of you I say,   “I’m Sorry” Advertisements

It’s finally coming off. I snagged it on a key on the Piano last night while leading worship.

This weekend was fun. I was scheduled to be off this weekend from Worship leading, so my other Worship leader had put together the service and I was going to enjoy some down time with the family. However, I received a last minute call from my sound tech that he had to work. So, I […]

Thought it would be fun to do some comparison shots. Yup, it’s swollen, but nothing like Ric’s “spoon”. Just for reference. The scar on the other pinky in the 3rd pic, was what Cheryl in the last post was talking about. I had a little run in with a paper cutter… Beautiful…

So, I’ve been up at the old house today doing some final clean up and tearing down some heavy duty shelves in the garage area. They were heavy and solid, but I figured I’d take my time. Everything was going great till I couldn’t get some of the pieces to fit in the back of […]

As you can see below, there has been a little tech blunder on the inWorship site. In trying out a new service for my iPhone, I ran into some road blocks. One always hopes to keep their errors under wraps. But, low and behold, mine is here for all to see. My hope was to […]