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Just a reminder if your still following my old feed or if you happen to stop by. I’ve moved, come join the fun. Also, if you could update your blogroll, that would be appreciated! Advertisements



Come join us at When you get there, the page will open and load in our Live camera feed. There you can type in a nickname, and talk to us live! Alright, who’s out there?!?!

So how do you go from a topic like “30 days To Live” to female hygiene? Like this… Just went around looking at garage sales. Ladies please tell me…would you buy these from a garage sale???

What the…


I don’t have anything to say… Let me hear from you…

Yesterday’s posts drummed up some intense response. Some were sickened by my state of weakness. Others thought I should be ashamed for my vivid representation of pain. And there were some that flat out verbalized their hate, in my time of need. To all of you I say,   “I’m Sorry”

Today is my day off. The kids are home for spring break and my wife is sick in bed. All of a sudden I hear a loud, “Brent come here!” I was concerned, something was wrong with Tam. I run to the room and she is laughing hysterically and pointing at my pillow. First, a […]