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I wanted to say thank you today to all of the amazing service men and women in our country. I don’t understand what you have gone through or are yet to go through. But I can truly say I understand the freedom you have allowed me to enjoy. Thank You. I was reminded of that […]

The last 2 days have been a whirlwind! Tammy and I left Thursday AM and headed North to the Portland area to attend a memorial service for a friend. Traffic on the 4 hour drive was ridiculous. Probably the worst I have ever experienced in the state of Oregon! It made us about 10 minutes […]

Our trip down to California this week was great. I work with such a great group of guys. We had a blast. We had 2 vans and of course, our was given the name “kids van”. I don’t know why they’d say that? We watched stupid movies, we were always the last to get loaded […]

So if you are here, you either found me by link or via my old blog over at Blogger. Thanks for coming over. I encourage you to look around and join me in thinking through life, hobbies and relationship with God. Thanks for all of you that have commented and supported what is going on […]

I just want to say thank you all so much! I just sounded southern…maybe I shouldn’t frequent Mandy’s blog so much :). I really do appreciate all the thoughtful calls emails and comments regarding my Dad. I was overwhelmed at church this morning. So many of you care and it shows. Thank You! We have […]

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I had to take a sec and say thank you to all who come here and put up with my bantering. Today this blog reached 2 small milestones. This is post 101 and this site has now had 1,000 visitors. That’s kind of cool. When I started this blog, it was not my intention to […]



I wanted to take a second to remind you guys of a great Blog. Shaun Groves has been on tour this year to promote the Word of God and the work of Compassion International. His journeys have been great to read about. Like this one today. Very encouraging and a great example to someone like […]