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This weekend was fun. I was scheduled to be off this weekend from Worship leading, so my other Worship leader had put together the service and I was going to enjoy some down time with the family. However, I received a last minute call from my sound tech that he had to work. So, I […]

Well, I had a blast this weekend. Saturday was a long day I rolled in just after 7AM and got home around midnight. I mixed 9 bands and then part of a jam session last night that started at 11PM. The jam session was cool. Jazz musicians from all over the valley, including those in […]

Today was fun. It definitely is nothing like my gig at the fair last Summer. Some of you may know this, but there is totally a “Jazz” culture. The way they dress and talk. The way they dance. The jokes! I heard some of the worst jokes ever today…from the artists! Here’s one. “A guy […]

If you’ve read through this blog for a while you may know that before I worked full time with a church, I was an audio engineer. I love that whole world. I loved studio work as well as live work. Last Summer I was able to work with a local company that contracts our our […]

Fair week is insane. It is a high energy, non-stop party. It is not some crazy frat party, but it is a gathering/party that only happens once a year for many people and they take advantage of it. I am not as tired as I thought I’d be, but I am pretty gone. I really […]

It is finished! That is all…

I’m exhausted! This was a long day. I think mostly cause my body is getting tired. I seriously leave my chair at the console a total of about 30 minutes in the 14 hour day. We have 6-7 bands a day and there is 20-30 minutes time between a band ending and a band starting. […]