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Over the last year I have read post after post about Willow Creek’s new “shift” in ministry. Yes, they are going through changes. Yes, they are evaluating. Yes, they are recognizing successes and failures. The interesting thing was in the midst of all of this, we started to hear people bash Willow. Basically pointing a […]

When will “the church” start being THE church! I just read this article and it makes my head spin. Some quick thoughts… -The church is beautiful and yet in the midst of it their are ridiculous actions by arrogant people. -Being in this political season, we have a chance to see if the church will […]

I am convinced that the world is out of touch with the church. It’s like they’ve created this little bubble that keeps them safe from others. They hardly come out of it. They’ve even created their own languages. It is not often that someone ventures out, but when they do, they quickly run back in […]

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” -Ghandi I have heard this quote before and I completely agree with it. We as Christians are often the #1 reason, Jesus is ignored or even worse…hated. Oprah has been getting some criticism lately from Christians. I disagree […]

Today is my day off. The kids are home for spring break and my wife is sick in bed. All of a sudden I hear a loud, “Brent come here!” I was concerned, something was wrong with Tam. I run to the room and she is laughing hysterically and pointing at my pillow. First, a […]

We’ve had a couple discussion about going green and reducing our impact for the environments sake. I’ve enjoyed them and I hope to have more in the future. I have to vent! Notice this picture below… I have set my keys next to these receipts to put it in perspective. WHAT THE HECK! #1 I […]