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I’ve been tagged by a couple friends to complete a 6 word meme. Here and here. I don’t follow directions, so the simple deal is this. In 6 words describe my life… “Two steps forward, one step back.” My life is a journey. I will not be complete till the day I see my Savior […]

Book Meme


So I have been tagged by 2 friends of mine Joel and Darla, to do a meme on books. Kind of cool. Here ya go… 01.¬† One book that changed your life?¬† Under The Overpass by Mike Yankoski¬† This book changed everything I was thinking about what it meant to be involved with and love […]

Tag – Part 2


Ok, so as I posted earlier today, I have been tagged twice this week. The second tag was by Joel over at CEC Worship. Go check him out. He wanted me to post my favorite movie clips. THIS IS HARD! There have been so many movies I’ve enjoyed, funny to serious, intense to relaxed. So […]

So I have been “tagged” not once, but twice this week. My good friend Cheryl over at In A Foreign Land has tagged me for a Middle Name Meme. And my new blog pal Joel over at CEC Worship has tagged me to blog about my favorite movie clip(s). So I thought I’d do this […]