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This is silly!


Don’t know if you’ve read this article, but I have to comment on it. This is silly. First of all, how can anyone question someones “Christianity” based on a song or two. Do they even know this guy? This kid attended college in the late 90’s there and they consider themselves the expert on where […]



Ducks lose! Not happy about it… It’s not so bad that they lost, it’s how they lost. They shot horribly. Tujaun was 2 of 12 for 3’s, that is terrible! It’s one thing to go out losing while playing your game, but to play that poorly and then lose…that’s a bummer!

Easter 2007


We are having some fun with promotion of our Easter services at TRF. We are in the middle of a sermon series called “Overcome”. It is taking us on a journey through the book of Acts. It is teaching us as people and as a church how to build our foundations in Christ (Origins), how […]

So I’m hanging with my wife today. I have a little off-time so I am taking advantage of the time together. We are here with a friend at Starbucks enjoying each others company and catching up on little stuff. I thought this was kind of funny. As I am uploading my entourage data to my […]

Let me know


That seems like a phrase I use in email all the time. Let me know. It’s almost like the common answer of I’m good or fine. It is said enough that it almost means nothing. I was talking to someone the other day and I asked them why they hadn’t responded to some emails I […]



As a Pastor, every day I am placed into situations where decisions need to be made. These decisions in my mind are always crucial and important. Why? Because they are decisions made by me, a leader in God’s church, for His kingdom. There’s a ton of pressure there. It is seldom that a decision is […]

We are in a new series here at TRF called “Overcome“. We are studying through the book of Acts. this week we will focus on the 3rd chapter of Acts. We will talk about opportunities. One of our Pastors, Ron has jumped into the blogging adventure. We are going to be asking attenders of TRF […]