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iPod Touch


So I have been working hard at church this AM, watching the Apple announcement of their new iPods. We’ve been keeping in touch with this right here… Very cool new iPods, now called the iPod Touch. 8/16gig, they look an feel exactly like the iPhone. They are WiFi, access via Safari and have access to […]

I have to go ahead and write some sort of retraction regarding my iPhone post. I was informed today that there indeed was a line at our local AT&T Corporate store. There were about 80 people in line. Forgive me. I would say that I am now unworthy of an iPhone, but I would be […]



If you haven’t heard of the national phenomenon called the iPhone…you have been hibernating. Welcome back. Anyway, the iPhone is being touted as one of the greatest electronics debuts this decade. It has been hyped into being the #1 story all over news stations and talk shows…besides maybe a couple items on Ms. Hilton. It […]