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I am convinced that the world is out of touch with the church. It’s like they’ve created this little bubble that keeps them safe from others. They hardly come out of it. They’ve even created their own languages. It is not often that someone ventures out, but when they do, they quickly run back in […]

God is in the business of transforming lives. I believe that wholeheartedly. A wonderful blog friend of mine Joe has given us a chance to hear his testimony. It is not one you will soon forget. In fact there may be many that could benefit from or be encouraged by his writing. Take a few […]

I like the thoughts that came up as we discussed the last post. The jist…as Christians we need to know what we believe. A couple things that stand out to me. #1 Too many Christians are still feeding on milk. Let me clarify this. I believe evidence of a Godly life is one that displays […]

Happy Easter


Here’s a little video from the Hodge clan. We wanted to say Happy Easter from all of us to all of you. We talk about our weeks schedule, the weekend activities and even go through our Music set list from the weekend. I apologize for it’s length. It is 10 minutes. But, we like to […]

Today is the last day of 2007. That’s weird! Where has the first decade of the 2000’s gone? Holy cow. As you look around the blog world today, you will see a lot of post regarding resolutions, top 10 posts, best celebrity screw ups, funny stories, sad stories. I am sure there will be great […]

Baby Leino


I was looking through my blog reader today and I read a post by NewBoxes. After reading his post I immediately went over to check out the blog he referred me to. There is a blog for Baby Leino. Issac Leino is a little guy that was born to loving parents in February of this […]

I am always very intrigued by what non-Christian/religious people think of our little Christian world. In talking to some, there is often a sense of interest, but more in the story of Jesus than in what our church is about. God is definitely teaching me how to relate to those who don’t like the church. […]