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Moving Day!


So in honor of my buddy Noreaster, I have chosen to be technically correct in giving you my announcement. Since 12:00AM Eastern time is the technically correct time that this message should be available, I have posted it then 🙂 SO, what is it?!?!?! This blog is moving. I have been working for the last […]

Well I am disappointed this week. Early in the week I had a horrid time keeping my cravings under control. I didn’t eat too poorly, but I did not eat appropriately. Also, I only worked out once this last week. I had resigned myself to laying low this week and it showed. I know for […]



I am blown away by all of you that were able to join us last night for our live video chat. That was awesome! Tam and I and the whole family are humbled that all of you would want to take some of your precious time and spend it on us. We most definitely will […]

Hope I didn’t freak you out with the title, but what if you only had 30 days to live? How would you feel? Would you be able to live fully? Would you fall into depression? Would you look back on your life and be pleased or frustrated? Would you feel like you have said or […]

Last month, I wrote a post regarding some frustrations I was having with things I do or don’t do. Personal expectations, Managing time, accomplishing tasks and things like that. One of my blog friends asked me a question. “Are you willing to entertain the idea that God has absolutely no expectations of you?” This was […]

#1 Thank you. The question I asked could have become a minefield of opinions and arguments. My intent was not to find out if this would happen, but I knew it could. All of you chose instead to focus on the question and lay your thoughts out there. #2 This question came after reading a […]

She’s 14


My daughter is 14 today. That’s weird cause I think I only feel 25. But this is not about me. Kassidi is my friend. She always wants to hang out. When I run errands, she want to go too. When I go to church early,, she wants to go with me. Kassidi is a musician. […]