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New Site


Just a reminder if your still following my old feed or if you happen to stop by. I’ve moved, come join the fun. Also, if you could update your blogroll, that would be appreciated! Advertisements

Moving Day!


So in honor of my buddy Noreaster, I have chosen to be technically correct in giving you my announcement. Since 12:00AM Eastern time is the technically correct time that this message should be available, I have posted it then 🙂 SO, what is it?!?!?! This blog is moving. I have been working for the last […]

Well I am disappointed this week. Early in the week I had a horrid time keeping my cravings under control. I didn’t eat too poorly, but I did not eat appropriately. Also, I only worked out once this last week. I had resigned myself to laying low this week and it showed. I know for […]

Over the last year I have read post after post about Willow Creek’s new “shift” in ministry. Yes, they are going through changes. Yes, they are evaluating. Yes, they are recognizing successes and failures. The interesting thing was in the midst of all of this, we started to hear people bash Willow. Basically pointing a […]