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Happy Easter


Here’s a little video from the Hodge clan. We wanted to say Happy Easter from all of us to all of you. We talk about our weeks schedule, the weekend activities and even go through our Music set list from the weekend. I apologize for it’s length. It is 10 minutes. But, we like to […]

In Honor Of…


St. Patrick…

My Son > Ham


This is what happens when you put my son in front of a video camera 🙂  

Questions #1


Let’s get this thing started. I love the questions and today I want to focus on those that have to do with my role and tasks as a Pastor. Please feel free to ask even more questions after you’ve read what I’ve had to say. Maybe it brings up a thought or maybe I didn’t […]

I am feeling a bit better today. Not that I was sick, just a bit overwhelmed. Moving can bring on all sorts of emotions and it allows you to feel all sorts of physicals stresses and strains in places you shouldn’t feel stresses and strains. I spent some time going through my reader this am […]

  If you’ve seen the recent Tom Cruise Scientology video…you will appreciate this 🙂

So we talked quickly about being media green a couple of weeks ago. I had to show this to you guys. Some of you said you would never read a book on a computer, that you’ve got to have a literal book in your hands. Well, it isn’t exactly the same, BUT…meet “Kindle” from […]