So, I was worried about this week. Friday-Sunday I was on a fishing/camping trip and generally those trips are all about hamburgers, chips and punch. But, I am happy to say that I took my “day off” on Saturday and enjoyed a great tri-tip feed with french bread and besides that, I was able to find foods that kept me close to what I needed to be doing.

I worked out 3 days instead of 4 last week, cause I spent all my work out time chatting with alot of you 🙂

Anyway, I figured I would not have gone down, maybe stayed even, but I didn’t. I am still moving which makes me happy!

So here are this weeks numbers…

Beginning week:
Weight 213
Waist 41″
Chest 44 1/4″

This week!
Weight 198.4
Waist 38”
Chest 43″

So I still lost some weight and I am down a bit on my waist as well. My chest stayed, but I don’t see that going down much anymore. I am working it pretty hard lifting and most my weigth is around my mid section. So we’ll see.

How are you all doing?!?!


22 Responses to “NMFAPIMWLC: Week #4”

  1. Okay, things are not going as well here. I’m hovering around the same weight. No big surprise though. We’ve had family in town from New Zealand and have been enjoying many meals together. I’ve also been struggling to get rid of a cold and neck problems, so all those issues combined have stalled my success a bit.

  2. Being sick will really slow you down and I would recommend that you lean on taking care of yourself when your sick.

    It sounds like you are actually doing pretty well though. If you are eating more than usual and still staying pretty constant, it means you’ve sparked your metabolism and it is keeping up.

    Get better Kirtsen!

  3. 3 Kelly

    I’ve had to put all of my focus on packing to move this weekend, so I haven’t had one ounce of attention to make any other transitions in my life. Though, life is never to busy to make a conscience decision to not shovel in food, or to grab fruit instead of junk, so I am moving forward in that aspect. Just haven’t had any time to go out walking or workout. Like moving a zillion boxes and cleaning a house from top to bottom is not working out! LOL! Clothes are fitting the same or a little better, so I’m not losing ground. That’s important! I’m sure I’ll jump back in the game and blog all about it in a couple of weeks:) Congratulations on your success! Awesome!

  4. 4 ronpai

    You sir, are an inspiration. 198? I cant remember the last time I saw a 1 in my weight. Keep it up! Congrats!

  5. Kelly, moving is working out! I hate moving. keep it up!

    Ron, thanks dude. I never want to be back to 200 again.

  6. Awesome Results considering the fishing trip….even without the fishing trip!! I am down and additional 2 lbs which brings my total to a little over 13 pounds. I want to be male just for a couple weeks worth of weight loss. 🙂 Keep up the great work!!!!

  7. Theresa. you realize that metabolism is not a male or female thing. Some people have it good, others are slower. Male/Female makes no difference. Besides, for you to be down 13, I think yours is working just fine. I’m only down 14.6.

  8. So awesome and encouraging!

  9. Thanks, Judi!

  10. Great job!!
    I think as long as we continue to be wise it isn’t going to hurt to miss one day of exercise “infrequently” as you just proved. It is a whole picture of what we are doing for our overall health and well-being.

    I’m doing pretty good too. No weight loss but more clothes fitting better and I did add 1 lb to the weights I carry on my stepper. Whew! What a difference, even in my legs. What struck me is how much it affected me, showing what carrying even those extra 2lbs of body weight does to me. Yikes!

  11. 11 alece

    you really seem to be rocking this thing. you’re losing significant amounts of weight each week. man oh man. i’ve been traveling a lot, and staying in other people’s homes, so i haven’t been able to fully moderate what i’m eating… although i’ve been doing really good with the decisions i do get to make (snacks, quantities, drinks, etc.). i weighed myself a few days ago and while i’m not fully ready to announce my weight to the world, i have lost a few pounds which is good. i’ve got a few more to go…

  12. Awesome Theresa! What we are all doing now is attempting to lose weight. The reality is that if we eat normally, we shouldn’t gain weight, we should maintain. So we are creating good habits for the future. When we are down to our goal weights or ideal weights, then when we eat, we will maintain that weiught and that measure of health.

  13. Alece, your doing exactly what we should be doing. Making better decisions. Some will lose weight faster and some slower. that’s ok, cause we are all getting healthier and living better. Nice job!

  14. 14 alece

    true, true. thanks for that reminder. i can get all caught up in the “number” sometimes.

  15. 15 tawny

    Dang it! I was actually excited to weigh because my clothes were getting looser and I am up a lb. 😦 Maybe it is just water and I will be down more next week. Did you take in account what you lost when you shaved off all your hair???? Just kidding. You are doing great!

  16. Tawny, clothes fitting differently is a perfect sign. the scale may read one thing, but your body is changing and that is good. When we eat right, our fat and muscle shift and take the place of each other…that’s good!

  17. So I’m thinking that I won’t be losing anymore weight until after I’m done nursing. Really. Which is okay.

    I’ve been better about food choices and drink choices, and I’m doing more physically around here and with the boys…. but weight is the same. I FEEL better though. I’m more alert and awake and not sluggish like I was. But the weight is staying until I’m done nursing…. b/c really there is a correlation. And I’m okay with that. B/c I’d rather be nursing my baby than fitting into a smaller size jean. But as/is, I’m a 6/8 now so I’m pretty okay with that. 😉

  18. SUB 200!?? Great!

    You’re catching me up Dude! 😉

    Imagine what you’d be if you were not adding muscle!

    I have a complaint though – you may have misunderstood my e-mail a tad – i was only wanting you to correct YOUR name link – not remove mine altogether! 🙂

    I’m happy to be linked with my fellow NMFAPIMWLC’ers – just not twice – to your ‘exclusion’.

    Any who have copied In Worship’s blog list, check his link in the list – it may lead you to my blog! 😯


  19. Brandy, no worries. Just create the good habits now, so that whne you are done nursing, everything falls into place.

    Love.Ohhhhhh! Gotcha!. I’ll get that fixed. Love, if I can get closer to you…I’m happy 🙂

  20. Closer to me? – just hug Tam!

    I can guarantee you’ll feel the love! 😉

    – that will make me happy too!


  21. AWEOMSE PROGRESS DUDE…some reason i forgot to post my progress. lol Ill do that today

  22. “just hug Tam!”

    Love, I truly have that part down.

    Joel, get ot going dude, I’d love to hear about it.

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