I am blown away by all of you that were able to join us last night for our live video chat. That was awesome!

Tam and I and the whole family are humbled that all of you would want to take some of your precious time and spend it on us.

We most definitely will be doing this again. We will be changing nights each time so we can offer times where others can be involved to. We will let you know when we plan to go live again.

I apologize to those that had any technical difficulties. At the beginning we found that our internet speed at the house is too slow. So in the future, we will be hosting these events from my office, so we can guarantee signal.

Thank you! Here is the list of people that joined us last night…

Brandy (This Girl’s Life)
Jay & Brooke Sellers (the Tone Guru & his better half)
Love (Love Will Bring Us Together)
Papa & Mama
Evan Rummel
Pete Wilson & Brandi Wilson (Without Wax & Brandi and Boys)
Just Lori
Joel Klampart (CECWorship)
Chris Vaccher (Chris From Canada)
Fred McKinnon
Brian Alexander
Luke Oakman (Giant Idiot)
Jon Squared
CJ Alverado
Jake Miller
Heather Blankenship
Cathi Stegall
Julie Persinger
Jenni Catron
Brooke (Oh My Seven)
Mandy Thompson (Just A Girls Life)
Amy (Mudpuppy’s sister)
Rick (Give Me Jesus)
Steven Russell
Brad Ruggles
Danielle Hodgson
Kim Bontrager
Cool Mom & Cool Dad
Robin (Actions Speak Loudest)
Scott (Praise 365)
Darla (Overcomer)
Trina (Trina’s Rad Thoughts


32 Responses to “Amazing!”

  1. We really wanted to make it, but we were stuck in band practice!

  2. That was a lot of fun. Let’s do it again!

  3. 3 tam

    yah Judi – we were wondering where you were. We’ll do it on a different night next time!

  4. Judi, no problem. we’ll hit you guys up sometime.

    Brad, we most definitely had a great time and we most definitely will be doing it again!

  5. Loved it! What a great way to connect!

  6. Time so quickly spent
    The 5 minutes or so I came
    Who would ever think
    You could forget my name?
    😆 😆

  7. hey you! Long time no see, hug?
    Sorry to have missed it! Are you guys planning on doing this again?


  8. oops, not hug, huh?
    leave it up to me!

  9. 9 Mandy

    Can’t wait for next time. Mogulus worked & worked, but wouldn’t load. =*(

  10. I see that I must add a photo of myself. I am not looking too good!

  11. Storie, Hey! we will do it again. So watch for it. Also, read one of my last post on “What are Gravatars” add your picture that way 🙂

    Mandy, sorry it didn’t load for you. I am finding that these streaming videos take a lot of speed to run. Hopefully it will work better next time!

  12. B, I am a bit slow with all of this. I can’t find that post. What is it under?

  13. I agree – very fun and I’ll definitely try to make the next one! Now if only we could have one massive iChat…can you imagine how crazy that would be??

  14. 15 tam

    Julie, that would so incredibly cool!!!!

  15. That really was a blast….almost like being there with you!

  16. Gooooooo LAKERS!!!


    It was so nice to “meet” you Brent.

    You have a beautiful family. Praise God for all of you!

    I look forward to becoming a part of this wonderful family [send those adoption papers Tam…I’m fighting Cathi on the room….]

    Love you all! God bless!

  17. 18 seven

    That’s a great idea to post the list… it was cool to be able to see a little bit of who each of those names is.

  18. DUDE!!

    I changed my blog name like….last week. Get with it dude. 🙄 heeheee 😆

  19. Hey! That was totally fun! I can’t wait till the next time! Also, not to nitpick, but my name is linking to Mandy Thompson’s website. Just so you know. Not that I have anything against linking to her website.. 😉

  20. 21 TheNorEaster

    Wow. That’s a lot of people. Did you get a chance to answer everyone’s questions or comments or random ramblings…?

  21. yeah that was awesome…good times

  22. Thanks B. I am working on it

  23. got it! Now I will work on perfecting it. Thank you for your help! So glad you are a nerd. HA!

  24. Next time I’ll put some clothes on.

  25. It was so much fun – and again, I apologize for all the completely inappropriate things that kept coming out of my dork hubby’s mouth 🙂 He certainly makes things fun! Can’t wait ’till next time!

  26. I can’t believe that I wasn’t able to say [deleted],[deleted] or [deleted] on the live feed. Until next time, I’m making a good list of fart jokes to keep the conversation away from the ‘p’ word.

  27. I already commented on ‘Live’ but i have just posted my first report on the NMFAPIMWLC and noted something…

    I consider it a compliment of the highest order but some folks might want to know the ‘real’ you – so would you change my website link that is currently directed from ‘Brent’ on the WLC honour roll in your blog post from earlier in the week?

    Mine works fine but i will be getting all ‘your’ traffic as well, and like i say – some folks might want to see the ‘real deal’ instead of lil ol’ me. 😉

    And His Life – how rude! forgetting you like that? – nice to see some of ‘Will’ rubbed off – maybe we should only comment in ryhme from now on?? 😉


  28. 🙂

  29. next stop, a family technicolored van!!!!
    add a intercom system, and you’ll be set for life!
    June 2009, the Hodges go on tour! First stop, Cleveland!!!!

  30. I’m finally back in town and catching up!

    You guys don’t understand how much fun Tam and I had with all of you. We are looking forward to the next one!!!

    And, No, there will be no Hodge “partidge” family tour 🙂

  31. 32 cj

    I was glad I could stop by for a few. Take care!

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