Be Here Tonight!


Don’t forget!

Join us tonight here at this blog (or my wife’s blog) at 6PM Pacific time.

You will receive directions when you arrive 🙂


22 Responses to “Be Here Tonight!”

  1. 1 brandy

    There are directions involved???

    OH!!! I think I know what it is!!! I’m emailing you.


  3. 3 tam

    dude – seriously – these people are gonna be so disappointed.

    arent you concerned about that?

    it’s totally on you bud!

    did bran guess it?

  4. Aaargh! I must prevent myself from clipping my toenails at that precise time. I desperately need to clip them and was thinking of doing so at 6pm tonight because that’s a magical hour. But I will forgo that in order to be here on time. So, I urge you inWorship and inProgres: Please put my clipper to shame!

  5. Heck, if we haven’t disappointed you guys by now, I don’t think this will disappoint you 🙂

  6. Jon, I can honestly say that what we are planning will be better than clipping your toenails.

    I appreciate you setting the bar so high 🙂

  7. Dude LOST is on at that time!! Are you nuts???? The people on the Eastern US will have to multi-task!! Hope that it is worth it 🙂 I’ll be here!

  8. DOH!…i so want to be here but thats 9pm eastern LOST FINALE!!!

  9. I know that Lost is on tonight. we had no choice but to do this tonight. I am bummed about that. Sorry!

  10. Wait, is ‘stripping’ going to be involved tonight? Because I HAVE been working out. Just sayin.

  11. Receive directions? Sounds intriguing…now I’ve decided I may not know. I’ll just have to wait and no more trying to guess. 🙂

  12. Just so you know #11 is not welcome at 9pm EST.

    Otherwise, I should be here…. or over at inProgress. Which one is preferred?

  13. I think they have a chat hosting site or something like that, but B won’t tell me if I am right. I’m just puttin’ it out there….I think it has to do with a chat of sorts. 😉

  14. Mud – Wha?!? Who did that? Where did they do it?

    B – #12…I’m sure will be at the opposite place from me.

    Are there rings involved…you know…boxing rings? Oops, that was a guess wasn’t it?

  15. You guys are killing me!

    Either site is fine. Both will have the same instructions.

    There will be no #’s involved, unless of course it includes general statements of approval for my wife 🙂

  16. 16 TheNorEaster


    Do I need my hearing aids for this…?

  17. Hearing aids…visual aids…and most flotation devices would be recommended 🙂

    but seriously…yes…

  18. Hmmm…..I see it involves the kids too so are you guys going to ALL SING AND PLAY for us?!?!?!?!?! 😀 ooooh that would be Sweet!!!!!!

  19. I can’t wait another hour. It’s crunch time. Pins and needles time. Biting my finger nails time. What to do? What to do?? 😆

  20. Hmmmm…go clean something 🙂

  21. yeah that would be a cold day in hell. HAHAHA!! 😆 😳

    I hate cleaning. That’s why I’m training the boys to clean. heehee Seriously, Dylan loves cleaning more than playing. 😯

  22. Dude it is 9pm eastern time! what now!!!!

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