I Watched It, And I’m Still A Christian


Perspective. Life is all about perspective. Looking at something differently can all of a sudden bring that thing to life. What once was depressing or frustrating, with a simple turn, can become something exciting and beautiful.

We watched “The Golden Compass” tonight. I loved it! It kept me entertained, never slowed down and it was all around a great story. I am excited to see the future movies in this series.

The basis of this movie was a group of people being oppressed by “rulers”. Children being taken away and stripped of their identity, their souls. The discovery that there is something that leads us away from truth. And the fight to claim the truth and live in it.

Sounds good doesn’t it. I agree.

The Christian community found this film to be something that it needed to rally against. To yell about. The Christian community saw this film as opposing God and heralding the church as the ultimate oppressor. they saw kids befriending demons and true evil as the hero. They saw a group of people that hated God. Perspective.

I saw a group of people standing for truth and seeking it, even in the midst of evil and oppression. I saw young kids on a journey of understanding what relationship and honor is. I saw a group of people hidden from sin as if it is something to be feared. Instead they look to expose it and know it for what it is. I saw people not afraid to fight for and stand for what is right Perspective.

What I saw tonight was an amazing reminder that we live in a world that oppresses God’s truth and righteousness. We live in a world where we are stripped of the identity God has given us, as others seek to fill us with what they think we should be and how we should live. I was reminded that even in the midst of evil, there is peace. Even in the midst of fear, there is protection and security. I was reminded tonight that God sent His Son, so that sin can have no hold on me. That sin can have no power over me. That sin can be understood and accepted and laid at the feet of Jesus.

Once we stop yelling, we often hear. What did you see?


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  1. hahahaha, that title cracks me up.

    I really enjoyed the book and I’m still a Christian 🙂


  2. Amen! Have not seen the movie or read the book but i think i would see it your way B. I hear what the Author is reported as trying to say but i believe what we get is almost all about our own perspective of how we choose to view things.

    I like your view on this! ( and a few other things besides 😉 )


  3. My wife and I watched it Monday night. We liked it but couldn’t help thinking it was a secular rip off of a Christian-themed movie/book (Narnia). Way to finally turn the tables. Yay! Christians are worth ripping off finally. 🙂

  4. Maybe you just didn’t give it enough time, it could take the other two to finish off your atheist conversion 🙂

  5. So true. Sometimes I feel like we can’t wait to find something else to be against! I wonder how we could change the world if were were as passionate about the things we are “for”.

  6. I agree with your assessment. I too watched it and enjoyed it as a Christian. Cheers!

  7. Patti and I went out to see this on opening night, contributing to it box-office numbers. It was my way of protesting the protesting. We enjoyed it – Patti more so. I thought the story line was choppy especially where she gets off the boat and strikes up a conversation with that “Samuel Clemens” looking guy.

    But the theme was good. The filmmakers and author are obviously anti-religion which really resonated well with me. I had heard it was anti-God but the the Golden Compass in the hands of someone who can “read it” is mysterious and supernatural.

  8. 8 tawny

    I watched it and thought it was a little boring. I went and looked at the guys web-site afterwards and felt guilty for supporting it in any way. Simply because he really truly wrote those books to act out his hatred towards God. It is one thing for us to be paranoid about anything we can’t understand and another thing to disregard a true enemy of God. God is bigger, of course but that is the guys agenda. I would not let my kids read his books.

  9. I haven’t seen it, but I have seen Christians take a stand and waste alot of energy for boycotting silly things in our world. We are so busy trying to tear down the wicked (sometimes pseudo-wicked) that we forget to build up the righteous.

  10. 10 Tawny

    I was driving to work and realized I may have sounded judgemental of you guys. 😦 I so was just talking about the struggle I had inside myself. I know I chose entertainment over prayer and making sure I wasn’t doing something that would betray my Lord. The way Christians make a big deal out of worldly things embarrasses me too. But somethings I think we should quietly choose not to partake of. But that is all up to our own convictions.

  11. I appreciate your thoughts here guys! I think you hear my heart.

    Tawny, I didn’t take it as judgmental, I saw your conviction in it. It only becomes judgmental when we begin to expect others to feel and think the same way. You have not done this. Thanks for your honesty!

  12. My friend William over at William Petruzzo wrote a great review of the Prince Caspian movie. In it he distinguishes between the author’s motives and the media’s motives. C.S. Lewis wrote the Chronicles of Narnia for the glory of God. Disney/Walden Media make movies for profit. I think the same applies here.

    I would agree on not supporting the books. I imagine the books are much closer to author’s world view. However, as Chris Moncus’ comment points out, this is a Naria movie knock-off. And not nearly as good either. The filmmakers either altered the theme from the book significantly or the books are not as anti-God as Christian media voices are claiming. Perhaps a little of both. In the movie, a mysterious, supernatural force saves the day, which is not exactly an atheistic theme.

  13. Ric, I agree. It’s hard to design a “fantasy” movie with a new theme. They are all spiritual in idea. They all have kids involved. There are good guys and bad guys and the good guys always win. Definitely played out. I like Narnia better as well.

    I have heard that as the movies progress, we get to see the “creator” and hear a lot more of the anti-god theme. Of course, I am not sure what god this author is really talking about, cause so far he doesn’t look anything like mine. I am convinced it is the authors idea of what god is. Of course the author does not know God, so it’s gonna be hard for him to hate the real thing.

  14. We have not seen The Golden Compass yet and I still have mixed feelings about whether or not we should. On the one hand, it might be a good opportunity for an open discussion with my kids about alternative views to Christianity and the humanist/atheist worldview. On the other hand, I find it very difficult to support a film based on books written by a man whose stated goal is to “undermine the basis of Christian belief”. Personally, I appreciated all the noise Christians made about this film – otherwise, I never would have known there were potential issues with it.

    BTW, I read an interview with the director of the film and the movie version is definitely watered down to appeal to a wider audience. In order to bring the book series to a wider reading audience, he felt it was necessary to compromise on some of the more controversial themes.

  15. Hey Rick, this film is most definitely a Hollywood product and not what the author intended. It is watered down. If we had no idea who the author, we would never have made this an issue with the Christian community.

    I also agree that the Christian community discussing these things is good, but the flat out noise it made was not very appealing, in my opinion.

    I talked to a friend this AM about it. If your conviction is to not watch this film I think that is your call. I am not going to tell you what to do with your family, that is your call.

    I love that you want to take th time to discuss it though. If you do watch this film, there are some really great teaching ppoints on good vs. evil, intent and truth.

  16. Hey, I just watched that the other night myself. I thought it was pretty good. I think most “christians” aren’t happy unless they have something to protest against.

    Brad Ruggles // http://www.bradruggles.com

  17. Yes, I hear you Brad!

  18. Hi Brent…

    I’ve read the first book of “His Dark Materials” i.e. “The Golden Compass”. It is an admittedly excellent work and I love its central message. However as with all things Hollywood gets its hands much of the message of the book is watered down so as to not offend the sensibilities of a largest part of the population.

    That’s fine, their goal is to make money.

    As of late there is a general consensus that the 2nd and 3rd books will not be adapted for the screen as it is felt the movie was not a success enough to warrant the expense.

    And yet I am accosted every year by movies the likes of “Meet the Spartans”, “Scary Movie 1 2 3….” and anything with “The Rock” in it……yuck!

    I am still trying to get my money back from J.Abrams for my having to sit through the abysmal “Cloverfield” (I knew I should have gone to see “Atonement”, Kiera Knightleywould have had a much more positive effect on me 😉 )


  19. Robert, good to hear from you.

    I wondered if they were going to do the next 2 films. I wasn’t sure if the first one had proven itself enough for the money makers to demand the others.

    I am totally with you on Hollywood and money. I also think that a lot of literature os too edited as well. But, the book side of things tends to ne more true to what the author wanted to say int he first place.

    I am sure you would have enjoyed Kiera more 🙂 But I have to say, I loved Cloverfield.

  20. Yep. Cloverfield ROCKS!

    And The Scorpion King?! Well ok, that one sucked.

  21. But it was entertaining 🙂

  22. 22 robertmark68

    Cloverfield pissed me off on so many levels!

    First of all…that freakin’ camera motion made me so nauseous.

    Second, from a believability stand point…if you were in that situation would you seriously have continued to film the goings-on rather dropping the damned camera and running north to the Tappan Zee Bridge like Speedy Gonzalez on amphetamines? Gimme a break!

    I still want my $20 back!!


  23. Well, they had just come from a party, so amphetamines could have been involved 🙂

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