You Have To Be Here!


Make sure you are here at the blog at 6PM West Coast time on Thursday night!

That’s all I’m saying


29 Responses to “You Have To Be Here!”

  1. 1 kim

    ok, so no fair scheduling something cool and mysterious when I have rehearsal. I can’t Tivo your blog, you know.

  2. 2 alece

    dangit. i might have to miss it. and that just makes me mad/sad all at the same time.

  3. 3 Tyler

    yeah im with kim. ill definitely be busy. how about a different time?

  4. 4 Darla

    WE are going to be on..hahahaha I am excited and can’t wait!

  5. lessee – Thursday? – that’s the one on Friday, Right??? 🙄

    What’s PMT in GST? I mean what’s PST in GMT?? Do i add or subtract? 😯

    are ‘we’ going LIVE???

    How do i record a blog?? 😉

    I don’t take direction well – had you noticed at all? 🙂


  6. You guys have me excited. I may have to cancel some previous plans!

  7. 7 Heidi

    How do you do both blogs at the same time?

  8. What’s going to happen? What should I wear? Is it BYOB?

  9. Wha?!? I’ll be here at least for a few minutes,link group at 6:30…good thing it’s close. Because you know this is more important! 🙂

  10. You guys are awesome! For those of you who can’t make that time, I apologize. It is my only free night this week 🙂

  11. Hmmmmm…..

  12. I can only imagine what you have in store! I’ll try to drop by.

  13. 13 tam

    B, i hope we don’t disappoint them.

    if so, it’s your fault!

  14. I’m happy to take the blame 🙂

  15. did you have another set of kids that are starting their own blog??? 😉

    Do I know something about this that I might not realize is about this?? 😆

  16. 16 TheNorEaster

    If this is about that cartoon @$$ you’d better tell me now! :mrgreen:

  17. The best part about all of this is that Wednesday’s are my shower days!

  18. Brandy…Ummmm…No

    NorEaster, I have no clue who this cartoon @$$ is. Got any pics 🙂

    Mudpuppy, that makes it all the more glorious, for everyone involved…

  19. Okay, well, I was wondering if it had to do with an email b/c I get very excited if I think I can figure out a surprise before it is revealed, but now I am not excited anymore since that email was not part of the surprise. *sigh* Back to the guessing game. 😉

  20. You are correct. The email I sent you today has nothing to do with the surprise tomorrow 🙂

  21. Hmmm…Just like double mint gum…two two two mints in one!

  22. well crap. 😆

  23. I think I may know…but I’ll never tell. Uh-huh, not me, no way no how. Can’t make me. 😀

  24. 24 Darla

    Impressed to open my WordPress page and find a pic of you under science! You have hit the big time, and they don’t even know the surprise yet! hahaha or do they?

  25. Theresa may know 🙂

    Darla, it’s part of my evil plan to take over the world 🙂

  26. 26 Darla


    “What do you want to do tonight Brain?”
    “Take over the world! Muahahaha”

  27. NARFF! (Pinky)


  28. Hahahahaha!!!!

  29. 29 Darla


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