So we are on to week 3!

If you don’t know what this is about or want to join in, check out this post here.

Also, we’ve started a Facebook group for NMFAPIMWLC. You can add your tips, trips failures and successes there as well.

So this week, I don’t feel my eating was as good. I was a bit off schedule. Sometimes only eating 3 times a day. And I was definitely having a hard time planning ahead. I’ve found that if I don’t plan ahead for my meals, then I may mess up. I had more bread than I wanted, and I didn’t drink water well enough. This week I am going to work hard from now through Thursday, because this weekend I am on a fishing trip with my son and a group from my church and I will not have a choice of what I eat. I will just be cautious to eat good portions.

Exercising was my success this week. I could still do more cardiovascular exercise, but this week I had 4 solid weight lifting workouts. I will be doing specific body parts each day and alternating ab workouts on those days as well. I got all 4 workouts in and I feel it! It feels good though. I love lifting, I always have, so this should be fun.

Here’s this weeks stats…

Beginning week:
Weight 213
Waist 41″
Chest 44 1/4″

This week!
Weight 201
Waist 38 34/”
Chest 43″

So, I’ve lost 12lbs total so far. I am about 10 lbs from my goal of low 190’s!

Let us know how your doing. Make sure to post about it, or offer up you week in review right here!



23 Responses to “NMFAPIMWLC: Week #3”

  1. Awesome job with the workouts!! I think your numbers are good. I really with women lost as quickly as men. 🙂 As far as the food goes I have found that if I take a half and hour on Sunday night and preportion out stuff for my lunches and breakfasts it really helps. I am a bread lover so I have also found some good options there too. Like Orowheat has come out with a double fiber whole wheat english muffin that is actually good. It doesn’t taste like fiber and it isn’t the seedy texture you expect from whole wheat. It makes a good sandwich with some laughing cow cheese and hormel grilled chicken. Also if you like tortillas La Tortilla Factory has some good ones that are higher in fiber.

    Keep pressing on!!!

  2. 2 tawny

    I lost a pound and wrote about it on my blog. 🙂 You are doing wonderful Brent!

  3. 3 brandy

    SAWEEEET!! 😉

    Dude you are droppin’ it like it’s hot! 😉 heehee

  4. Theressa, I love bread. I am working really hard on keeping it completely out of my diet right now, so that I am not craving it when I add it back in. I really like grainy and wheat breads, so I will definitely try some of those soon.

    Thanks Tawny, and I’ll go over and read!

    Brandy, Ya, I know 🙂

  5. Holy Toledo!! Great job! You my friend are doing wonderfully.

  6. 6 Heidi

    How do you keep the breads out?!! I’m so struggling with this, I know my weight loss was exercise and tons of water in which I hate.

    Brent you are doing miraculously AWESOME!!!

    Great Job!

  7. Impressive Brent! Good to see you on track for your target.

    Personally progress is slow but in the right direction. Am eating moderately better, cutting down a little on sugary (fruit juice) drinks and getting slightly more exercise. Am about 17lbs or 8kgs from my target of 76 kgs. I’m not fooling the tape measure tho’, hardly any change there.

    I’ll put the full story on my blog this week.


  8. Heidi, it is only hard when I don’t plan what I am going to eat, cause it’s really easy to slap some peanut butter and jelly on some bread and eat quick and run, but i can’t do that. I’ve just resigned myself to understanding that now. thanks for the kudos.

    Love, I’ll be anxious to read your post!

  9. Theressa, thanks! You as well!

  10. you just realised you can’t do that..??

    Careful Brent – you might be in danger of growing up one day! 😉

    I’d hate for you to lose all of that big kid inside of you along with the 20lbs 🙂


  11. Testing.

    I only keep doing it here now b/c it makes me laugh. heehee 😆

  12. crap.

  13. 13 alece

    good for you!

  14. oh, it did work….huh.

  15. Love, to be clear 🙂 I am not having a hard time with bread, cause I’ve resigned myself to understanding that I just can’t eat it to achieve my goals. An no worries, the “kid” Brent is not going anywhere 🙂

    Brandy, have at it…nice new avatar 🙂

    Alece, thanks!

  16. 16 Deborah

    Uh, well, uh…. 🙄 ok, I have to be accountable…I totally blew it over the weekend, which did nothing more than make me feel miserable…SO…

    Since His mercies are new every morning I began again today…and will hopefully have better news next week… 🙂

  17. No worries Deb, just consider it your day off and keep going.

    Sunday’s are my “days off” and we ate at a Mexican place and I had the worst stomach the rest of the day. I think it was because of all the sodium. I have been so low on intake of sugar and salt, that I am already seeing myself react to too much of it.

  18. Thanks B…it’s becoming quite clear to me the effects that food has on my well being…completely…and uh, it was more like d…a…y…s.. off 😆 But I’m back in the saddle again! Blessings

  19. Glad to hear it 🙂

  20. Ahhhh B???

    I had no problem with the bread (although too much of the white stuff probably is not very good for you) – i was referring to the peanut butter and JELLY part – you just figured out! 😀

    What did the Bible say about putting away childish things? 😉 🙂

    P.S. i only read the comics pages in the paper on Sunday for the adult humour – yeah, that’s it!

    well at least it’s non-fattening! 😉


  21. 21 Darla

    I lost 2 pounds a total of 40 pounds since I started, and 12 pounds since I been with you all. A total of 4inches, and hoping that gets bigger as I exercise more.
    Still drinking lots of water, staying away from sugar overdoses, (holiday killed that this time)
    and trying to get my excercise in although my asthma is against that. With the wieght loss my asthma gets better..so it is just a cycle that I am working on breaking.

    You all are doing well! Congrats to all!

  22. Love, I actually don’t like white bread that much.. I love dark bread and grains. Of course a good sourdough is nice 🙂

    I love peanut butter and jelly. A nice Raspberry preserve does me good. And a nice smooth peanut butter…Mmmmmm…

    Darla, your doing awesome! Congrats!

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