I wanted to say thank you today to all of the amazing service men and women in our country. I don’t understand what you have gone through or are yet to go through. But I can truly say I understand the freedom you have allowed me to enjoy. Thank You.

I was reminded of that indebtedness today when I read a post by my buddy Jake. Take a second and read his post.


8 Responses to “Indebted”

  1. 1 alece

    thanks for linking me there. that picture was so moving.


  2. Good link man – thanks! And as non-bragging, non-overprideful as I can be about this, thanks for the thank you. It means a lot when people thank us for serving. Half the time no one knows what we do but it’s nice every now and then for a “thank you” 🙂 You the man!

  3. Evan, there is nothing prideful here at all. Your thank you is received.

  4. Your welcome

    USAF – Europe 1961 – 1965 Staff Sargent Radio Operator

  5. 5 alece

    i salute you, papa. with all sincerity and humility…

  6. Hey Papa, my Dad was in Europe from 58-62. Where were you based?

  7. I was in southern Italy, Brindisi – 1961 (late) to 1963 – Island of Crete 1963 to 1965.

    They were both great assignments.

  8. Very cool Papa. My Dad was in Germany.

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