Positive Post Tuesday


As I hunt around the blog world I come across new blogs all the time. Some I’ve heard of, some are brand new to me. This last week I’ve enjoyed reading through a couple that have already begun to make me think. I love that.

One such blog is that of Brody Harper. He’s an honest thinker and I love his sense of humor. He created a series of posts called “Positive Post Tuesday”. Today I want to officially join in. The idea is to post up about someone or something that is inspiring. It’s an opportunity to step away from soap boxes and arguments and just simply enjoy what is good.

I wanted to highlight a couple in our church. Dennis and Lori Vail.

Dennis and Lori have been actively involved in outreach to a small community in Africa called, Okahandja. They have annually taken trips and led groups of people over to this area to work with an orphanage that we as a church support. In the last 5 years, their passion has grown for this ministry in such a way that it has led to valuable participation from others. They also have big dreams. This year, they are considering dropping everything here in the states and moving to Africa to spend some time there building houses for the community. They have been working with sponsors here and the local Pastor there to design simple structures that could be built fro families and last for a long time. Thier initial goal is to build 100 structures in the first 6 months they are there. Their ultimate goal is to see this take place beyond that community and pour into other parts of the region. They don’t feel they are the best teachers, or the best leaders, but I disagree. Their heart for God and others is poured into this project. I don’t see their passion for reaching and caring for those in Afrcia, ever going away.

They are an inspiration to me.

Check out Brody’s site and his “Positive Post Tuesday”. There are more that are joining in with this and you can access them all there.


7 Responses to “Positive Post Tuesday”

  1. 1 Tawny

    Oh that is so cool! I didn’t know those guys wanted to do that! I will start prayin for them……

  2. 2 neil

    Great post idea.

    It will weed out the Bitter Bettys.

    I just giggled.

  3. “Bitter Betty’s”

    I’m gonna start using that around here…thanks 🙂

  4. Great idea! I love it. So can I also point out that they faithfully work in our kid’s ministry every week too. They are such nice people, I like them alot.

  5. They are servants!

  6. 6 tawny

    Lori is a mentor in W/M also! 🙂

  7. I didn’t know that! Definitely praying for them and their Africa decision.

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