Well, the second week has begun.

If you haven’t read up on this yet, Read here and here.

I do have to say one thing though. It is with sadness that we have lost one of our faithful few. Miss Mandy, has suddenly pulled out of this commitment due to personal reasons beyond our control. We hope to see her back one day. Actually, we don’t. Cause that would mean that she needs to join us…and she doesn’t 🙂

Anyway, I began week one with some simple goals. Cut down on processed flours and breads. Take sugar almost completely out of my diet. Exercise. And do my best to not kill myself.

I have always had a good metabolism, so I knew if I could stay disciplined that everything would take of itself. I did good on all accounts, except maybe exercise. I need to do more. But this weekend at a garage sale I did score on a $5 weight set that includes a bench and 230lbs of weights. That regimine begins tonight!

Sunday’s will generally be my day off. Yesterday I took that day off and had a fun lunch. We went to a great burger joint in town and I had a burger and soda there. The rest of the day was good though.

I am happy to say that I have seen huge improvements this week. The first week is always the hardest physically and mentally, but generally the most profitable if you stick to your plan. I know the rest of my weeks will be slower going as my body settles down a bit. I am a good water drinker, so I am sure I lost some water weight, but I also think I was pretty well hydrated to begin with.

So here are my stats for this week.

Beginning week:
Weight 213
Waist 41″
Chest 44 1/4″

This week!
Weight 204
Waist 40
Chest 43 1/4″

YES!!! I dropped 9 lbs and lost an inch on my waist and chest. I assure you that I am eating and I am healthy. I am just eating more veggies and chicken. I have had zero sugar drinks, cookies or desserts. And I have had a total of about 4-5 slices of Wheat bread. Just cutting that out has made that much difference. Up until this point I lived on carbs and sugars. They are now gone or very dim 🙂

Like I said, I am excited about the future and where it’s going, but I am cautiously optimistic, becasue I realize that this weeek will be my most dramatic.

So, how are you guys doing? What can we do to help?



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  1. 1 tam

    Mama’s proud of her boy!

  2. I still don’t have a scale. (As soon as I get one, I am posting on my blog.)

    But what has happened:

    My 2XLT t-shirts from Calvin Klein are way too big. I am going to go try on XLT. I haven’t worn XLT shirts since high school.

    I need new pants.

    I need new underwear.


    Other than that.

    My energy drink intake has gone up so I am curbing that to 2/week. To counter, I am going to up my water intake to 1.5gal/day. That is 1/2gal more plus the current intake based on weight/2 = water in oz per day.

    Tomorrow, it would have been one month since eating anything in a bun. I don’t miss it.

    Tomorrow, it would have been one month since having french fries. I don’t miss it.

    Tomorrow, it would have been one month since having milk/espresso drinks. I do miss coffee but I will only do doppio machiattos for now on (espressos with a dollop of foam… i take mine with 1x raw sugar) or go to skim milk if I am killing for a mocha.

    (In addition to cutting out milk/coffee drinks, I notice I have a craving for milkshakes. I have had two in the last month.)

  3. doh..mandy…grr…

    and bro 9lbs…awesome…so seems me you and james are neck and neck. lol

  4. Congrats on a very successful start!!

  5. 5 ronpai

    may I step in for mandy? I will post tonight after I get back from the gym (7:00 PST).

    drop pounds not bombs.
    the brown kid

  6. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you – i *think*
    “personal reasons” = i didn’t sign up.

    but will work to clear my name on my own blog tomorrow. sheesh. blog rumors are ugly things!!!

  7. tam, thanks 🙂

    Joe, Sweet! Can’t wait to see you in your bikini 🙂

    Joel, the race is on!

    Ric, thanks dude!

    Ron, I thought I had you on the list. I’ll edit you in now.

    Mandy, anything for you 🙂

  8. Congrats on the progress! Those first few weeks are the best because you see so much progress!

    Where am I at? Going good here. I’ve sort of stabilized on my “Self-Control Diet” (see link below). Now I think I’m going to supplement the self-control with some, how do you say… “exercise” to drop the remaining poundage. 🙂


  9. Cool Dan, going to check it out!

  10. 10 Tyler

    wow 9 pounds in a week….thats biggest loser stuff. nice work man.

  11. Tyler, thanks dude!

  12. 12 tawny

    Still don’t know what I am doing, but I did lose 4 lbs this week. 🙂

  13. 13 tam

    Yay Tawny!!!!

  14. Tawny, Awesome!!!

  15. 15 tawny

    Thanks Guys. (I wish I knew how to make that little blushy face) I will ask you tomorrow. 🙂

  16. I’m not sure either, but then I never blush 🙂

  17. 17 tawny

    Well, the banner at the top of this post should make you blush! 🙂 I did notice it is getting smaller though……

    Just Kidding to the man who made that inspirational picture. 🙂

  18. Haha!

  19. Holy cow batman, 9 pounds in a week….that is amazing! I’m trying my hardest to stay off the scale because it messes with my head a bit. I am also trying to get to the point in my life where I workout consistently and eat healthy, but not obsess about either. I’m such an all or nothing person, that this has actually been pretty difficult for me. So far, for the last 2 1/2 weeks, I feel like I might actually have gotten there. I worked out 6 of the last 7 days, and ate well M-F. So I’m pretty pleased with that. I plan on weighing in again on Friday, and as long as the numbers consistently move downward, I’ll be happy.

    What are your plans with the weight bench? You must always have a plan!

  20. Kristen, that’s awesome! I have always felt that clothing fit and physical health are a lot better gauge than actual pounds, so i wouldn’t worry about the scale that much. Sound like you are eating and exercising well.

    For the weights, i will go back to my lifting regimine that I used to do, till I couldn’t afford health clubs anymore. I would lift 4-5 days a week. Each day would focus on certain body groups. So, Monday would be legs, Tuesday would be Back, Wednesday would be arms, Thursday would be chest, Friday would be shoulders. Every other day would include stomach work and everyday would include some sort of cardio.

    We’ll see as I go along, i will probably do 4 days of lifting a week, but we’ll see.

  21. Sounds good! Have you ever heard of Turbulence Training? It’s actually a brilliant program you can easily do at home (especially since you have weights and a bench), and most of the workouts take less than 45 minutes. The website looks a little gimicky but it really is a good program. Very well thought out, and designed by a guy who knows what he’s talking about.

  22. I’ll check it out. Sounds a lot like the Power 90 plans and stuff that are really good for fat loss as well. Kind of a high powered, short time mixture of cardio and lifting.

    People don’t realize tht a lot of cardio takes place when you lift.

  23. Yes, this program is like Power 90, without the videos 🙂 . The Turbulence Training keeps your heart rate up the whole time you are doing resistance training (very small rest periods), and then you go do a 20 minute interval cardio of some sort…so it’s basically 45 minutes of cardio (5 minute warm-up, 20 minute weights, 20 minute cardio) 3 x a week, with moderate cardio on the other 3 days, and 1 day of rest. I liked the program because you could really mix things up using the general principals given, but without having to follow their examples of exercises to a T. I like having a LOT of variety! 🙂

  24. 24 Darla

    OKAY to get my name on the list do I really have to put that pic on my blog? sorry no can do…but I am hard at it anyway…and have lost 8 pounds…YAY ME!!!! now I stand at 38 lost pounds…and no they are not behind me 😆

  25. Darla, 8 pounds, you ROCK!!!

  26. Darla, you rock! I will put you on the list right now!

  27. 27 Darla

    😆 thanks!

  28. I sucked horribly. I’ll post on my stuff later. I need to revise my plan I think. 😳

    Tawny…blushy face is : oops : but all together.

  29. oh, but I checked and I didn’t gain weight so that is always good. 😉 Not surprising though since I’ve been the same weight since the fall. 😐

  30. Well since, my name is on your list… LOL

    I started a little before the fat arse craze…but I have lost 12 pounds in three weeks…just been doing little things…walking every day regardless of if I want to or not..totally cut out carbs and sugars…I’ll add them in later, but this is my fourth week and my craving have gone way down. So, I know it’s slow, but making the life change has been life changing…my goal is to lose another 15 pounds before Mike gets home…that’s realistic! How can you help? Prayer for me… 🙂

  31. Brandy, let us know how we can help. You know I am more interested in your health than your weight.

    Deb, that’s awesome! Keep it up. Getting to your goal by the time your boy gets home would be awesome. I have no doubt you’ll be there. I’ve cut the sugar and carbs as well. that is my biggest weakness. Sweets and breads!

  32. I know you are B, and thanks. 😉

    My overall health actually has a lot to do with my emotional health. If I am not doing good emotionally, I suffer in all areas…. eating, excercising, water intake, weight, etc. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I haven’t lost any additional weight since shedding the pregnancy weight. OR changed any of my habits. 😉 y/k?

    Like I said, I need to revise my “plan” and mine might not be a weight loss plan, but an overall health plan. 😉

  33. I hear ya Brandy, mental is a HUGE part of all of this. How we get through it and sometimes how we get into it.

    Whatever you need, let me know!

  34. 9 lbs! Good on Yer, B! 🙂 Great Start.

    I am not noticing any significant results yet but that could be because i am not radically altering my exercise regime and spend way too much time in front of the pc 🙂 – I need to do a little work on that.

    A good friend of mine just began a new health program and is offering to share it with me so i’ll look into it and see if some local help helps 😉 it seems to be working well for him.

    Have not cut out much sugars from my diet either, but i think i moderate them fairly well anyway – my weight has not increased in any degree since the beginning of the century but i would like to be a little less than i am – especially around the waist 🙂

    Hey Brandy, That plan you had sounded good – just a little hard to do all at once – you can do it in steps you know!? Try doing one thing a week – or month even? 🙂

    A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body!


  35. Sooooo you’re telling me low carb is in right now?!!!

    I am so freaking excited right now. Because for years I was the only one onboard and people kept telling me that Dr. Atkins was dead and so would I be soon if I kept eating bacon fat for 6 meals a day.

    (on a side note…I’m so kidding right now it’s actually taken all the funny out of this comment and I’m scrambling to find out what I’m going to type next)

    Aaaaaaand we’re back…

    Great job on the weight loss.

  36. ClAp cLaP ClAp ClAp, to all who are taking the challenge. Good, so-so, wonderful, not so wonderful, it is all good as long as we keep moving forward. Moving forward in what the Lord wants for each of us. I posted my results on my blog 😀

    And hey Brent, I added Theresa to my list, so if you want to copy her to yours?

  37. Love, it sounded like you were pretty healthy to begin with, so I am sure you will do well!

    Neil, you make me smile! I can’t imagine your diet. I am sure its a lot simpler to you, cause you live with it, but I’d love to know some tips if you have them to give.

    Theressa, Moving forward is the plan! I’ll add you in.

  38. Not me again 😀 This Theresa theresa162.blogspot.com

  39. Ooooh another participant…cool!

  40. 40 Heidi

    Hey Brent!!

    I thought i joined too. I guess I had done it on Joe’s blog.. Can you add me. I just posted my week 1 and 2 recaps.


  41. Heidi, I thought I had you in there. Editing now!

    Glad your joining in.

  42. Dude…I revised. 😉

  43. Hey B, we have another participant! 😀 Lynn

  44. Dang Theressa! Are you running around the internet recruiting people 🙂

    I love it!

  45. 45 Tawny

    Ahem! Theresa is spelled with one s. Sorry! I COULDN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE! 🙂

    Hey Brandy, thanks for the 😳

  46. Gee, thanks Tawwny


  47. 47 Tawny

    Ha Ha! 🙂

  48. 48 alece

    man, you are rockin this thing! way to go, joel!

  49. Recruiting – you bet! Not sure how though, they are coming over and jumping on board. Yeah! Encouragement is a good thing 😀

  50. 50 neil

    I wasn’t kidding.

    Eat bacon fat. It works.

    (listen to no one else…I’m an expert)

  51. There is no better meat product on this earth than bacon!

  52. Guess what? I totally agree with you the last two statements :LOL:
    But really why I came to visit this morning – add another bloggy buddy to our group! Natalie Cheer! Cheer!

  53. Cool, I’ll get her on the list.

    Check out my new post!

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