The Church Is Pissing me Off


When will “the church” start being THE church!

I just read this article and it makes my head spin.

Some quick thoughts…

-The church is beautiful and yet in the midst of it their are ridiculous actions by arrogant people.

-Being in this political season, we have a chance to see if the church will actually “Love God and Love People” or just vote against someone or something else. ( when did social justice become political?)

-How do we as a church become “louder” than these ridiculous “Christian groups”?

-Wouldn’t it be neat if a group of Christian’s offered to pay for a months supply of their local Starbucks cups? Now that would make statement.

If Christians would spend half the energy and time they do on worthless protest, and place that back into being a beacon for Christ, this world would be an amazing place to live.

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73 Responses to “The Church Is Pissing me Off”

  1. 1 Rick T

    I couldn’t agree with you more. This type of story turns my stomach. The church seems set on establishing its own agenda as it pertains to the furtherance of God’s Kingdom instead of trusting that His standards and directives are sufficient for His cause. God help me not to follow the same trends. Your will and Your are perfect. Amen!

  2. Rick, “agenda” is the key word there. Glad you hear me on this.

  3. I’m with ya here too, take up the battles that are worth fighting about, this shouldn’t have even hit the radar but now that it has, it just makes the lost lump all “Christians” into a group of everyone must think like this. Who thinks up this carp anyway.

  4. Oh my land, where do they come up with these things! And we wonder why people call us crazy and want nothing to do with God. How it must hurt His heart.
    I have to remember, just because they call themselves “Christians” does not mean they truly have Christ living in their hearts and that they are being led of the Spirit. I believe it really is the opposite, they are walking in darkness, trying to fool us into thinking it is Light.

  5. I agree that it is just plain silly that a Christian group is all in a tizzy over a Starbucks cup. Did you see the 1971 logo?? Now that seems a little much too me as I wouldn’t want breasts and nipples staring at me from my cup of joe. This current design is much more modest than the 1971 version.

  6. I read it…and I am tired of this crap…these guys make us all look bad….
    I do find it interesting that when a muslim is a suicide bomber etc. society can seperate that from the religion. and that happens with every religion other than Christian…wonder if its cus we have the one true God

  7. 7 Darla

    I am still drinking it..and if they wouldn’t have described the picture like they did I would never have thought that at all!! man…what happened to thinking pure thoughts..things that are excellent..

    its always the minority who seem to have more pull than the majority, and I honestly don’t get it…maybe the church should host a study on “selecting your battles” mmmmmm something I may work on myself.

  8. 8 Cheryl

    Oh for the Love of God! What next?

  9. 9 tam

    im sorry. i couldn’t get past the first line of the article.

    “…they found “grounds” for outrage”


    anyway – it’s too ridiculous to even get worked up over. But it is sad that a puny little group of 3,000 have mouths that big.

  10. Scott, I agree. I believe wholeheartedly that God never intended us to fight battles like this.

    Theressa, the bummer is that these people don’t just mislead Christians, but they also mislead those who need to know Christ.

    Kristen, the interesting thing is that when Starbucks released their original logo, they didn’t get complaints and that one was more “anatomically” correct. when they revived the old logo to use again, they determined, even thought there weren’t problems with the first one, that they would make it softer and now we have the logo I’ve placed on this post. I think they have been responsible in using their logo.

    Klampert, ya, the Bible does say we will be hated because of Him.

    Darla, even if this group doesn’t make anything happen, they definitely have been heard…it’s sad. But I am with you, everyday I need to evaluate the battles I pick and determine if God would have me where I’ve placed myself.

    Cheryl, I posted this just for you πŸ™‚

    Tam, “brilliant”, perfect word…

  11. 11 alece

    the so-called Church can be its own worst enemy. we don’t need non-believers or even the devil to really do much at all; we can seemingly bring about death and destruction on our own.

    why do they waste their voice on an issue like this? it’s ridiculous.


  12. Alece, ya, and what’s even worse, “their voice” is in the name of Jesus.

  13. 13 alece


    and the way i see it, he’d be walking around with a cup of “slutbucks” in his hand.


  14. Don’t you love that they came up with that name…

  15. 15 alece

    fo’ sho’!

  16. 16 Ben

    I think they should protest coffee in general…it’s awful. πŸ™‚

    I’m with you. Just silliness. What a hill to die on.

  17. Ben, no kidding. I bet coffee is a lot worse than the cup it’s in πŸ™‚

  18. Don’t they get the fact that by drawing attention to this kind of garbage is equal to being a pawn for the enemy? I’ll bet the same people who are “outraged” walked past or met up with 10-15 people who had a need, or a prayer…and never gave it a second thought. This has “look at me” all over it…I doubt it has little to do with taking a stand on anything!

  19. I hear your pain B and i understand that you may receive some ‘flack’ from unbelievers solely by reason of the actions of the more ‘loony-seeming’ Christian fringes.

    But did your outrage blind you to a few bits of the article you linked to?
    I found this bit of concern….
    “Creative partner Terry Heckler poured [sic] over old marine books until he came up with a logo based on an old 16 Century Norse woodcut: a two-tailed mermaid, or siren, encircled by the store’s original name, Starbucks Coffee, Tea, and Spice. That early siren, bare-breasted and Rubenesque, was supposed to be as seductive as coffee itself.”

    So coffee is seductive?
    The logo is intentionally seductive? (look up ‘Sirens’)

    What’s with two tails for a mermaid?

    What is the underlying message here and how does that now apear in light of what a Christian group of 3000 is saying?

    Are we tearing down our Brothers in Christ – or understanding them so as to all work together?

    Frankly – i don’t agree that Jesus would touch the stuff. He was never a follower who jumped on someone else’s ‘bandwagon’ to appear ‘cool’ to the crowd. I don’t think He would have ‘product placement’ to appeal to the masses. Or approve of addiction in the name of profit.

    Our own ego’s are never the best judge of what action we ourselves are to take.

    How loving are we truly being (and of what are we loving) in what we all have said here?


  20. Deb, I hear ya.

    Love, I definitely read that part. But like I told Kristen, they agreed that there original logo was racy, so they changed it to what it is now. Starbucks has always known what it means to market themselves. They understand seduction. But they aren’t selling mermaids.

    The fact is I feel no emotion towards the people that are doing this. I am pissed at who they are saying they are. Not one word of Jesus. Isn’t that the message they want to get across? If they did, He would have come up. They’re not interested in Jesus or the grace He has to offer. I am happy to point this out to anyone who will listen. They do not speak for me…dare I say Christianity. The’ re speaking for their own agenda. If they would like to sit down with other Christians and discuss how to spread the name of Jesus, I would be happy to listen.

    From what I read, they aren’t preaching Christianity, so why put that label on it?

  21. Gee thanks for that post just for me. πŸ™‚ At first glance I thought the lady was holding pineapples. If I’m going to go to get a cup of java at Starbucks, I am most likely so desperate to stay awake and probably can’t see what the logo is anyway.

  22. Cheryl, you bring up a thought.

    How many of you had ever looked at their logo? Or, how may of you even knew they changed their logo?

  23. Never noticed until now… The only time I seem to drink Starbucks is when I am in an airport. Usually I’m too busy looking at the price, kinda like trying to find a gas station with the cheapest gas! πŸ˜† So how these folks noticed this is beyond me.

  24. or rather why they noticed is beyond me.

  25. i Understand B, and thanks for that! πŸ™‚

    The Enemy is not above using ‘good’ images to seduce and entice us to his will!

    Anyone who thinks they don’t ‘notice’ things like that (the logo) or that they are not affected by them has never taken a course on Advertising.

    Ad People are EXPERT at getting you to pay attention WITHOUT you noticing it CONSCIUOSLY – if you are not conscious of it – you have no defence against it.

    Just not being awake to what people are up to does not mean you don’t do what they want you to.

    Those who understand this the best can rule this world! They can ‘own’ you.

    Our subconscious is a VERY powerful ‘tool’ – if we don’t learn how to use it, control it to only work for us, others will.


  26. 26 odgie

    It looks to me like a topless pregnant woman with a crown holding a pair of giant coconut shrimp (mmm, coconut shrimp).

    And I can’t help but wonder, what’s with the name “The Resistance”? What, exactly, are they resisting? Offensive logos on grossly overpriced cups of coffee? I can think of a lot more things I would rather resist: the price of gas, Geico for continuing to show those stupid “Caveman” commercials long after the joke has run its course, Michael Bay movies, the list goes on.

    But I do get your point. I try not to get pissed off about this stuff, but you are right that it distracts so many people from the more important things. Sadly, the church is not immune to chuckleheads and small people. And small people fight small battles.

  27. James 1:27 people. seriously.

  28. oh, okay so what I meant by that is that if people actually did what the Bible said to do…they would relax and actually enjoy life rather then be stupid. I hate crap like that. Slutbucks? Really? How lame. I wish I could have a cup of Starbucks about now. Mmm. Yum. Ha ha ha.

  29. We recently had a “saint” in the church who was upset about the cigarette butts on the walkways coming up to the church – I agreed, I don’t think there are enough of them.

  30. Is it bad that I laughed?? B/c seriously, that is ridiculous. Who cares? Seriously? And yes, coffee IS as seductive as that bare breasted, legs spread wide like a prostitute siren. πŸ˜† HA!!

    Good Grief.

    Pass me a cup, I’m a little cranky now. πŸ˜‰

  31. 31 TheNorEaster

    Groups like that only get the most attention because they make the most noise. They know the press eats it up because it is so stupid, but the simple truth is–it doesn’t matter what others are doing. It only matters what YOU are doing.

    I could spend the rest of my life bitching about people who get upset because I just used the word “bitching.” But the simple truth is, if I did that, I’d be no better than they are. And I’m not going to give them that much power.

    And I’m certainly not going to buy a make a contribution to pay for Starbucks coffee cups for a whole month. I will, however, go to Barnes & Noble every so often like I usually do and stop in at the Starbucks up there. Think I’ll put my feet up and relax, too.

    Oftentimes, people make assumptions about my faith because they know that I am a Christian. But, ten times out of nine, when someone asks about a “controversy”–like coffee cups–that the church is “against,” I say, “Huh. Well, I don’t know anything about that. And, you know something? That’s probably a good thing because I’ve got other things to do. Now, if you don’t mind, I am going to do them.”

    And I walk away.

    It’s like sweat with sex, just let it roll off your back. Of course, if you’re having sex and you’re worried about the sweat on your back…

    …you might want to seek professional help.

    And, Yeah, of course I used that analogy on purpose.

    To prove a point.

    Weren’t you LISTENING…?

  32. Just read through the comments….

    and NO I hadn’t ever noticed the logo before. I’m not a fan of Starbucks but ONLY because I don’t like their coffee. That’s all. I do though have a starbucks mug in my cabinet (don’t ask why) and I drink from it regularly, and NEVER noticed the logo. B/c really, I don’t care. And I am with whoever up there said something about that group coming up with Slutbucks…and not thinking excellent thoughts about things….seriously.

    Looking at it now though, yeah, the boobs are a bit much, who is looking that closely at their cup of joe? πŸ™„

  33. Nor, I use the work bitching too. πŸ˜‰ heehee It makes me laugh.

  34. the work???


  35. TheNor: It’s like sweat with sex, just let it roll off your back

    Me: 😯 😯 πŸ˜†

  36. 36 alece

    what the ———

    holy crow there brandy!

    ha ha ha… you made me laugh out loud with that one!

  37. WHA? I only quoted The Nor up there! πŸ˜‰ HA!!

  38. ooooh, nevermind. I forgot I left “that” comment. 😳 hehe

  39. Got to hand it to her though… that’s one flexible mermaid…

    I think it’s wonderful that size 10 women can get logo modeling work like that. It’s inspirational.

  40. 40 Gene

    Remember when the Kimberly-Clark logo was supposed to represent some sort of demonic symbolism? Paranoid conspiracy-theorizing “Christians” will always be easily distracted by minutia and diverted from the real issues and mandate of faith in the real world.

  41. my mom always used to say it is better to be pissed off then pissed on.

  42. 42 Darla

    Kristi- hahahahahaha hahahahahahha said that myself a few times…really!!

    Brandy- I drink starbucks, and probably have an empty cup laying somewhere and I don’t know what is on the cup…I didn’t buy it for the cup..hahaha I am oblivious 😐

    Kind of blown away that tens of thousands of people have recently died in China, and US Christians are fighting Starbucks logos…PLEEEEEEESE

  43. 43 Darla

    I would serious like to meet one of this group, and have them look my direction and say “slutbucks”, I would seriously deck them! with love of course…

  44. You know, I just saw Prince Caspian and YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!? Practically all the Narnians prancing about the screen naked! Even Aslan! And ReepicheepMan the rat…full frontal shot! I don’t remember any naked mermaids though so its prob safe for your kids.

  45. Ric..hahahhahahahaha…deep breath…hahahahhaha. You know I’m going to go see it now don’t you? Actually our link group is going to go on Thursday night!


  47. Darla…. Slutbucks!!! 😯 heehee

  48. 48 Darla

    Brandy- πŸ˜† and I have been known to use a word like “beyotch” and not sure why using something different than normal cuss words seems okay to me… 😯 awwwww man now I will probably be awake in the middle of the night…repenting…hope HE doesn’t mention hair color or coffee shhhhh!

  49. 49 Darla

    Ric- that’s just wrong!!! hahahaahahahahhahaha

  50. Holy crap…what have I come back to.

    Leave it to brandy to hijack this post and take it to another level πŸ™‚

    Nor and Ric, you guys are killing me!!!!

    Odgie, I love coconut shrimp as well πŸ™‚

    Kristiapplesauce, I hear ya…and I completely agree with the “pee on” thing…it sucks.

    Papa, I like your attitude!

    Nor, I agree. Even in my frustration, I give it no second thought. The reality is it takes my passion to spread actual love to a new level. So I guess I should be thanking them.

    Brandy, “slutbucks” is the name the “protest” group came up with for Starbucks πŸ™‚

    BuddyO, The size 10 lady is easy to find…it’s the whole mermaid thing that takes a while to look for…

    Gene, I remember that. Let’s go take care of the “better stuff to do” together!

    And someone hold Darla down…she’s coming out fighting. In love of course πŸ™‚

  51. 51 Darla

    πŸ˜† love ya B

  52. B…. I was “yelling” Starsucks at Darla b/c she said she’d hit anyone who did. πŸ˜‰ heehee
    Another level??? HUH??? *she smiles sheepishly* πŸ˜†

    I had the most fun relaying this post and comments to Jake on the way home tonight as he drank his Starbucks iced drink he got at the store. hahaha!!

    I kept saying “bare breasted siren holding her legs spread wide like a prostitute” HA!! It just COMPLETELY cracks me up that THEY (that group) would even GO THERE. Seriously. πŸ™„

  53. Oh, and FTR, Jake has NEVER paid any attention to that logo either….until I told him the story tonight. Now, he thinks she’s pretty hot. 😯 πŸ˜†

  54. Those don’t look like legs to me.

  55. Brandy, Ya, if you find Jake hiding Starbucks cups in his nightstand…slap him for me!

    Selena, I don’t either…and there’s that whole thing that she’s a mermaid that kind of gives away the fact that she doesn’t have legs πŸ™‚

  56. She’s a merslut.

  57. We just can’t get it!!! That article is so frustrating.

  58. Brandy 😯

    Pete, I am glad you said “We” just can’t get it. You get that this is on all of our backs. We are all in the same church and we all affect each other. We just have to do our part louder I think.

  59. Good grief… this is nauseating. A friend of mine once tried to convince me to just ignore these kind of people, but I can’t because like it or not, THEY’RE DOING OUR P.R.!!! We who love Jesus and are committed to seeing Him glorified are sadly lumped in with those who chose to waste precious time with stuff like this.

  60. Steve, I hear ya and that link is HILARIOUS!!!!!

  61. If Christians would spend half the energy and time they do on worthless protest, and place that back into being a beacon for Christ, this world would be an amazing place to live.

    You Said it Bro’ πŸ™‚

    Before our light can shine with clarity though we first need to lose the ‘dross’ that ‘distorts’ His Light within us.


  62. And further more…I wish I could do the splits like that.

  63. In all seriousness…. (if possible)

    I’ve had this sort of discussion many times with Chris (sharpiron). What if… There is a whole segment of folks that are drawn to the sort of comfort that strict black and white rules provide. These are some of the same people that find ‘Emergent’ thought unacceptable. They find it too ambiguous and are not comfortable with just saying ‘I don’t know’ about Scripture. Look at the ultra-Fundamentalist conservative churches… aren’t they bringing people into a relationship with Christ too?

    Why isn’t it OK that these groups feel the way they do? I’ve read many blogs where folks have attacked the school of thought that I’m guessing many of the commenters on this thread subscribe to. Many of you have got into heated battles with ultra-fundamentalists defending what you believe. Shouldn’t Matthew 7:1 play into this somehow?

    So they want to protest Starbucks… It’s not my thing by any means, but I would almost gurantee that that protest will get someone interested in Christ, one way or the other, either in agreement or dissent. Doesn’t that make it OK? So maybe we think it tarnishes the public view of the label we choose to attach to ourselves… maybe we should get rid of labels all together and then it won’t be a problem…

  64. I hear you Buddy, where I stand in this is the concern over their stance for the gospel. Protest all you want. If you don’t agree morally with something, then don’t participate. But, don’t say that Christianity made you do it. That’s a lie. The man made interpretations of Christianity made them do it. I agree that some will have a stricter moral code than others and I respect that. I have friends like that and enjoy them everyday. But they don’t make asses of themselves and say that their God is the lead ass.

    Christian accountability needs to be upheld by all of us. Practice what you preach. Hold each other accountable to that. If you have a stricter moral code, than live that. If it is more of a questioning posture, than live that. But, when one or the other starts to speak for me and the God that I am living for, I have to listen up and decide whether or not to support what they are doing.

  65. Kristi…I don’t…

  66. 67 Kelly

    This was definitely an interesting read, all the way around. I have some “random” thoughts to add:)

    1. My first thought after reading their statement…how do they know what a prostitute with their legs spread looks like? (judging others never leads to any good place, it just draws the attention back to the “log” in eye of the one who made the judgment)

    2. We are called to preach the “Gospel”, not preach the “anti-world”. The world is the world, I expect them to act “worldly”. Just like “sinners are sinners, of course they sin”. Yes, that group is drawing attention to the “world” not to Jesus.

    3. “They were first “called” Christians at Antioch”. It wasn’t a nice name. They were mocked with it. It doesn’t say that first “called themselves” Christians. I know WE call OURSELVES Christians, but what do OTHERS call us? Life changers? Encouragers? Protesters? It doesn’t matter what we label ourselves. It doesn’t matter what they label themselves. It doesn’t matter if “they” reflect who we are. It only matters that WE reflect who God is. The beauty of salvation through Jesus is that it’s personal. Whatever they are doing, it’s still between them and God. Which leads to….

    4. Did their preaching “anti-world” work? Did it draw attention away from God and to “worldy” things? They give attention to Starbucks actions, we give attention to their actions, and the vicious cycle continues. “The Church” is busy preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. Good.News.Jesus.Life So these people aren’t reflecting me or Jesus. They are reflecting protesters. Who cares if they use the name “Christian”? The seven sons of Sceva used the name of Jesus without knowing Him and ended up stripped naked and beat up by demons for it. Their actions will take them through their own doors, whatever they may be. Coming from one who was previously so ignorant as to be caught up in “foolish disputes”….I’m so thankful for God’s mercy in my life, and other people’s mercy for my ignorance. Perhaps that spokesman for the protesting group was brought to our attention….so that we could pray for him?? I can only imagine where I’d be if someone hadn’t prayed for me.

  67. This reminds me of John Ashcroft draping the statue of Lady Justice for baring her right breast. Modern day puritanism. We all know what John’s got on his mind all the time. πŸ˜‰

    The interesting thing is that this cartoon, which is a crude representation of a sailing ship’s figure head (Starbuck being a character from Moby Dick) is of a mermaid and they don’t even have legs. So how can they spread’ em?

    I wonder why mermaids even have breasts, bare or otherwise? I guess merkids suckle. I also wonder where the fish/mammal babies are ejected from mommy’s body? No cloud of eggs poured out on the seabed? Some fish are born live. And do fish even get horny? They sure do, just ask a salmon. But the way they go about it is hardly erotic – at least not to me. But some of those boys in the Resistance must think so. Sheesh.

    So what’s the fuss? A mermaid or a siren is a mythological creature. Just like George Washington. Click on this link and you can see him painted on the ceiling of the capitol dome, along with just about every other god in history, some quite scantily clad.
    Where’s the Christian outrage here?

    Buddy’s right – these folks have every right to state their case against Starbucks. And we have every right to point out how silly they are. But if they are leading some to Christ then I wonder what version of Christ they are presenting?

  68. Kelly, good thoughts. My guess is they drew attention to themselves…otherwise, we would be talking about a different message that they had sent.

    Christian, I think you nailed it for me,

    “But if they are leading some to Christ then I wonder what version of Christ they are presenting?”


  69. Nobody ever says, “I wanna be a merslut when I grow up.”

  70. Selena, I can honestly say, I’ve never said that πŸ™‚

  71. Wouldn’t it be neat if, rather than buying cups for Starbucks, Christians spread the word about bringing reusable cups in order to take care of God’s Creation? Or, rather than fussing about a mermaid, put more energy into the campaign to make coffee fairly-traded rather than freely traded? Jesus tells us to care for the poor, and something as easy as choosing to purchase fair trade coffee can help lift a family out of the cycle of extreme poverty.
    Sure seems like a better use of time than worrying about a logo.

  72. Kirsten, welcome!

    Exactly, I am glad you get it!

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