“When The Power Fades, And All Is Stripped Away…”


I Twittered about this on Saturday, but Steve encouraged me to write a post, so I could expand on it for you.

My job at Table Rock is to watch over everything that deals with music and tech as well as service programming. My job is most definitely about details and cues. Its about problem solving and making sure things go off without a hitch. I am the one that can’t visit other churches without critiquing everything they do. I admit that over the years I have gotten better at this, but I still have issues.

So last Saturday, as we were finishing up our pre-service rehearsal, we had a major power outage. At the time we thought it would pass and everything would come back online in a couple of minutes, but no deal. The power shut off at 5:20. Service was at 6:00. People were already driving onto campus and finding their seats in the worship center.

My first instinct was…CRAP! But I got over myself and it was then my team came to life. The worship leader that night, Sue, grabbed the acoustic player. They both grabbed their guitars and put together a set that people would know (cause there were no lyrics). They jumped up on stage and went for it.

As I sat in the back behind all the equipment that is supposed to make everything look and sound pretty, I was humbled. I listened to everyone sing, which very often we don’t hear because the music is loud. I watched people raise their hands and stand in awe, which I often don’t notice, cause their are other things to grab my attention. Ron, our teacher that night, spoke as if he were hanging with his best friends. No worries, no stresses, no distractions, it was all stripped away.

I was reminded Saturday night, that without God, it is worthless…pointless. Without Jesus, it means nothing. I was reminded to take the resources I have at my disposal and never use them to distract people, but always to attract people to the amazing Love story that God has given us.

I was reminded that most often, when everything is stripped away, and we simply come, we see that it is truly all about Him…


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  1. 1 cj

    Great post. I love what you said about taking the resources we have and using them to attract people to the love story God has given. Well said.
    Btw I would have freaked if our power went out!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks CJ, and I truly did freak, but every one else was so calm that I got a hold of myself pretty quick πŸ™‚

  3. 3 tam

    meanwhile…Tam exits that back door to go home early and do laundry.

    uuuuh…electricities out einstein πŸ˜•

  4. Brent, when the power goes out we get to see where the real Power lies – Awesome huh? πŸ˜‰ At the risk of cross-promoting and getting into far heavier stuff than you may have intended here…

    Exodus 20:25 is speaking loudly to me reading this. (am having an interesting bit of church at my place currently) πŸ˜‰

    When we put our ‘tools’ to God’s Worship we pollute it!
    We can be in danger of forgetting what is at the Heart of the Power.

    It has to be all about Him so that we become all about Him in turn.

    I don’t in any way mean to make your job at TRF ‘redundant’ btw πŸ™‚


  5. LOL πŸ˜†

    ♥ You ‘Einstein’ πŸ˜€

    ‘Night folks,


  6. “When we put our β€˜tools’ to God’s Worship we pollute it!”

    I am assuming you are meaning when we use things to worship Him, then in return worshiping those things instead of him?

    If so, that is my point in this. We can get to a point where we need loud music and fancy lights or Pipe organs and hymns to worship. When we’ve gotten to that point, we’ve ceased worhshiping Him and we’ve begun to worship self and what it takes to make us feel good.

    G’night Love πŸ™‚

  7. 7 TheNorEaster

    Now THAT was a good post!!!

  8. Thanks for the reminder. It’s easy to forget that worshiping God is not just a loud, concert experience.

  9. Amen brother! It seems that people everywhere were having tech issues πŸ˜‰ Yet God still was worshipped and glorified! Amen!! Great post and reminder πŸ™‚

  10. Great post, Brent. Very cool story.

  11. thanks for sharing this, brent. taking the resources we’ve been given to attract people to Jesus. that’s what it’s all about. great post dude.


    I am right there with you, my brother! If all of our toys EVER take away from an authentic encounter with the Savior, SHUT ‘EM OFF!

    It is vital that we create atmospheres of worship, not entertainment. Maybe we should throw a curve ball at our congregations every now and then… Turn off most of the lights… have one guy play guitar… and worship our God.

    I will sacrifice a voluntary offering to you;
    I will praise your name, O Lord,
    for it is good.
    Psalm 54:6

  13. I have always wondered what we’d do if the power went out….

    Just last night at men’s group we were talking about how so very often on the worship team they feel like nothing is working right only to feel the spirit taking them places they never expected.

    One guitarist told me Sunday that it’s so cool to sit back and watch God take control of things.

    True that.

  14. AWESOME!! I would have loved that service. πŸ˜€

  15. Wow, looks like we hit on something here.

    NorEaster, that is a HUGE compliment…thank you!

    mandoron, I know that I can get caught up in the experience instead of the Spirit.

    Evan, I love how in spite of us, He is still God.

    Stephen, thanks dude!

    Jake, I love toys, but it can be easy for me to forget that I am not promoting the toy…

    Steve, we are actually planning some “curve balls” soon. It should be good and it should challenge.

    mudpuppy, I love it when God is in control!

    Brandy, thanks!

  16. 16 HW

    I love a good worship service with all the bells and whistles… but there is nothing better than a simple acoustic worship time to simply focus on Jesus. I’m glad it worked out, and you survived it. πŸ™‚

  17. 17 Tyler

    this is awesome man. i’ve been in similar type situations. people don’t show up, etc….God always shows up though.

  18. Some of my most spirit-filled corporate worship experiences I remember took place in the mountains with one or two acoustic guitars under the stars. Go Jesus.

  19. We used to have an acoustic service but very few people came and they discontinued it. I personally enjoy the multimedia worship service mainly because I grew up in the Mormon church and didn’t know it was ok to worship that way.

    I recently read another blog that made similar points and asked some very intriguing questions about technology and worship. Since I don’t know what your policy is about posting links to other blogs I won’t provide it unless you say it’s ok.

  20. Very cool…

    In Simple Church we do that every week… πŸ˜‰

  21. 21 tam

    GMJ – I think Brents computer is tied up while he’s working on some video stuff….but I don’t think he’ll mind if you leave those links here πŸ˜‰

  22. 22 tam

    Hi Buddy!!!

  23. This post wins based on the title quoting a great song.

    This reminds me of a Flyleaf concert where the power died right before the concert. So the band members brought out acoustic gear and did some very cool acoustic renditions of their songs.

    When they rereleased their first LP, they included 5 acoustic versions.

  24. You can do your music any way you want – all the people up front, an orchestra, just a piano – or even just an organ – I really don’t care – JUST DON’T MAKE IT SO LOUD!!!!!! I Want to think about the words – there are words right ???

  25. 25 alece

    that is incredible.

    and i get the sense that sometimes God prefers that type of “naked” worship.

  26. Tam – Thanks for the ok. The post I was speaking of can be found at http://thin-edge.org/2008/04/22/is-our-worship-too-dependent-upon-technology/

  27. Aw… missed that service I would have enjoyed that!

  28. 28 Tawny

    Loved this post Brent.

    As long as we are doing it for Him, I think He will take whatever worship we bring. It makes Him happy. And that’s what matters. I love that you know that. πŸ™‚

  29. 29 Darla

    Sometimes God just takes HIS stage back…and shows us what HE is doing in the hearts around us…and it encourages us when it happens. HE is wild, uncontrolable, and totally awesome…I would say that HE was showing off for you all…and just when you thought you were there to bless someone else..HE decided to bless you!

  30. 30 Vince

    That must have been a really cool experience

  31. HW, there is nothing been then simplicity in all of life. we need to know this and live this in our walk with Christ, but also in everyday life.

    Tyler, God is faithful!

    Ric, I love the cheerleading πŸ™‚

    givemejesus, thanks for the link…check out the new post!

    BuddyO, I figured you’d pipe in πŸ™‚

    tam, you rock…and your hot!

    Joe their acoustic stuff is amazing!

    Papa, we do our best to have energy but not be loud. We have been known to be loud though πŸ™‚

    Alece, “naked worship” I like that! I think I am going to do something with that.

    Cheryl, hey I saw you guys Sunday, but didn’t make it over to say hey. I’ll make sure to say hey this week!

    Tawny, thank you for the kind words. It really means a lot!

    Darla, God owns the stage. It is His stage, we can either choose to give it to Him now, or deal with him taking it for good when He returns.

    Vince, good to hear from you!

  32. Brent – re comment #6 I was thinking along the lines of – when we try to IMPROVE on God’s work (like making a ‘prettier’ carved stone altar to worhip Him on) we diminish HIM in our prescence.

    You got to focus more on how great God’s works (humans) are when you were not distracted by your usual working.

    We are all we need (along with what is ‘natural’ of the world or His Creation to us) to worship Him and only Him – did that sound ok to you?


  33. brent, we should write a song about that! … “when the music fades, all is stripped away, and I simply come…”

  34. Fred, no kidding, I bet it would be popular!


  35. 35 Darla

    πŸ˜† and we could call one of you Matt, and the other redman…sounds like it all goes together…mmmmm I do love you guys, and you do make me laugh!

  36. Wow. Awesome entry. I love stories like this. I work in a very large church but when I was growing up church was held in our living room. Worship was always acoustic and definitely not overhead for lyrics. It was always awesome. I always use those memories to remind me why I’m doing it.

  37. Hey Mark!

    I grew up in small churches and by the time I was a teen, the churches I was a part of started getting bigger. It has been interesting to see and feel all the aspects on that journey. I think there are many that enjoy reclaiming there youth…so to speak. We remember aspects of what started stages of their lives. We remember how God was a part of it and we enjoy revisiting that. I think that can be encouraging.

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