Why She Gets A Day


I’ve had a couple of people ask about the video we showed for Mother’s Day at Table Rock this weekend.

Here ya go…


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  1. Thank you! Sunnie hasn’t seen this yet. 🙂

  2. that’s a great video! I especially like the end where the text is in the window… love that stuff.

  3. Chuck, let me know what she thinks.

    Alex, I love that too.

  4. 4 brandy

    They should have addressed why husbands need to get wives who are mothers gifts too. 😯 SERIOUSLY. 😯

  5. 5 brandy

    Okay well not gifts, but SOMETHING to commemorate carrying your SEED. 😯 haha!!

  6. Brand, you just need to get Jake off his butt 🙂

  7. We rolled this one at Vale as well. Way to stinkin’ funny!!!

  8. Seriously, not even a “Happy Mothers Day” and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t need to get off his butt to say that. 😯

    Me? Bitter? Really?


  9. Also, I’m making Jake do that weight loss thing. He doesn’t know it yet, but he is. It’s his punishment for forgetting Mothers Day. 😆 HAHA!

  10. Jake forgot Mother’s day??? 😯 – so that means he did not remind D, A, or little O either??

    Oh he’s so going on a diet! 🙂

    I bet he was worrying about his boy though! you gotta ♥ him for that 🙂

    Happy Belated Mom’s Day Mom! 🙂


  11. The diet is the least of his issues…I would so come over and get up in his face if you were still in town.

    But I’ll be good 🙂

  12. Jim, you got lost in the bunch. That’s really cool that you guys used this too. The skit guys are hilarious!

  13. January 15, 2003 – I miss my mom Brent! You can imagine what a “challenge” I was to motherhood!

  14. Yes Love and B…he forgot. 😐 Dylan kept telling me Happy Mothers Day though b/c I told him about it when he called my mom and granny. 😉 So he knew because I told him. 😆

    B, feel free to get up in his face. 😉 I DID. 😯 And it wasn’t pretty. 😯 😆

  15. 15 alece

    that was cute!

    i think “dealio” made me laugh the most.

  16. Tag!

  17. Papa, even through all the challenges, Mom’s always remember the good stuff!

    Brandy, I am going to hold my tongue, cause what wasn’t pretty for you would turn out to be a massacre if I jumped in…

    Alece, glad you enjoyed!


  18. I’ve managed to work the situation out in my favor actually. He told he wouldn’t be helping me paint when we moved in b/c he really doesn’t want to paint at all.

    I told him tonight that I basically OWN him for forgetting MD so he’ll be helping me paint…. A LOT. I told him he was my painting b****. 😆 heehee 😉

  19. Well, I am glad to see things are getting straightened out 🙂

  20. Okay, you are going to DIE when you hear this…. 😆 😆

    Jake and I were laying on the couch watching TV and I said “Happy Anniversary, even though today was kind of lame” and his eyes got HUGE 😯 and he said “Today isn’t our anniversary is it?”


    Seriously. Seriouslyseriouslyseriously. 😆

    I said “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!” and he said “well I thought tomorrow was the 13th!! CRAP!! I was planning all this stuff in my head for TOMORROW night!” 😆
    Lucky for him I could laugh at this one!

  21. That man is going to be the thinnest, most paint-covered Fly-boy in the entire US Air Force! And that’s BEFORE Brent gets to lay a ‘finger’ on him 😉 hee-hee 😀

    Poor Jake. Where IS his mind at these days?
    We would NEVER forget our Anniversary’s – would we fellas? 😳


  22. I just told Tam that I would be kicked out on the curb in a second if I ever forgot.

    Her response…”you wouldn’t do that”

    I guess I’m safe 🙂

  23. Brandy…I have no words.

    Except, tomorrow night BETTER ROCK!

  24. 24 tam

    Im sorry. this isnt very loving of me. but im fixing to walk to Minot and open a can of whoop-ass on that boy!!!

    B, you can delete this.

    if you must.

    but i wouldn’t 😕

  25. ‘Momma’s’ gettin’ a little riled! 🙂

    The Walk will do you Good, Tam! 😉

    I think Bran has the situation in hand though – you taught her well it seems 🙂

    Brent – as age tends to diminsh memory, we are NEVER that safe! Best devise a ‘safety’ mechanism . Tam has a mean streak 😉


  26. Wuv Woo Tammy 😀

    (Seriously Dude – get a fool-proof saftey device for the Anni’s – i’d hate to see you on the curb with a ‘can’ tipped over ya!) 🙂


  27. If I make it to the curb, I bet It’ll be in bags…

    Foolproof? I would normally say technology…good computer calendar to remind me…but if you read my new post, you’d see that I can’t even count on that 🙂

  28. Brent – you can NEVER rely upon Computers! Not for important stuff anyways – but then i use Windows! 😕

    I know – pitiful.


  29. We still love ya…Love 🙂

  30. heehee 😆 You guys are cracking me up!

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