If you haven’t joined in, read this and join us!

Last week, my buddy Joel at CECWorship sent out the call. To be determined in taking care of oursleves physically. This would include eating and exercising. I’ve jumped in. Each Monday I will be bringing you updates to make you aware of my progress. This is the initial post, so it will be a little longer than future Monday posts will be.

My goal is to lose 20 lbs and to lower my intake of sugars and fats. I love sweets, breads and fatty foods. Always have. My family has some history of blood pressure and cholesterol issues, so I want to put myself on a path of taking better care of that area of my life.

Last Friday, I began the journey. Here is what I am doing.

#1 Little to no sugar intake. Inevitably there will be some processed sugars in what I eat, but with careful choices, I can stay away from it. I will stick with fruit sugars and work hard at staying away from unnecessary processed sugars.

#2 Big time cutting down on processed flours. I won’t be pigging out on breads and cakes and pancakes and other stuff like that. I’ll get my carbs more naturally.

#3 Figure out a simple exercise routine. I don’t have access to a gym and I don’t have a set of weights. I just have some small 10 lb dumbells that I wil make good use of. I will also be walking and riding my bike more. Now that the weather is getting good, I will be riding my bike to work. It is only about a mile, but every little bit helps.

#4 Not kill myself. I am not in a sprint here, I am beginning a new style of living that will help for year, not just pounds. I need to set some new standards and go for it. Please take notice that some will be doing this to lost the last 5 lbs and other will be starting a long journey of needed life change. Health is health…a pound is a pound. 1lb lost on one person is the same as another. Set goals not based on what others are doing, set them based on what you need. Rejoice in victories personally and with others, but do not compare yourself to someone else. Bodies are completely different in how they respond.

Friday, I started keeping a basic journal of foods I am eating so I can monitor. I started focusing on lunch, to make sure I am eating a good mid day meal without heavy carbs and crud. I will not be eating any carbs after 4 and dinner will be a lot simpler. Something like chicken, salad and a veggie. I will also be snacking on fruits and proteins doing this consistently to encourage my metabolism.

I took some basic measurements on Friday as well. I wear all my weight above the waist, so I measured weight, chest and waist.

Starting measurements on Friday 5/9
Weight 213
Chest 44 1/4″
Waist 41″

I encourage all of you to have an off day in this process. Not a “pig out cause I can do anything I want” day. I am going to enjoy Sunday’s off from strict eating. I will probably enjoy one of my favorite coffee drinks or some breads or desserts that day. But, it will be balanced and not over the top.

So, find what’s right for you. Be simple and take your time. Just be determined to stay focused. The first week or so is the hardest and will seem the most dramatic, but hang on and stick with it. I encourage all of you to ask me how I am doing and check up on me whenever you want. I would be willing at anytime to let you know what I have eaten or what I have done for exercise. Just ask. Hold me accountable. I would encourage all of you to do the same with each other. Many of you have joined in with this, so let’s do this together.

Finally, here is a list of all of you that have committed to this here at my site. I am sure there are more. I encourage you to let us know via your own blogs how you are doing. What kind of things are working for you and what we can do to help.

Good Luck Everyone!!!


Brandy…Yes you are doing this 🙂
Mandy…Especially now after vacation 😯

31 Responses to “NMFAPIMWLC: Week 1”

  1. Hmm .. I desperately need to be in on this .. but do I say I’m committed when I doubt my own ability to stay good? (I feel like Paul … I want to do what I know isn’t right”, etc …

    Just ate buffalo shrimp soft tacos and a basketful of chips. oh my.

  2. 2 Deborah

    The salmon are coming, the salmon are coming!!! That means a “workout” at lunch and extra walking. I’ve been on the healthier kick now for about a month, and it feels good to get back (mentally) where I need to be with the beginnings of physically seeing a difference. Cutting out breads and taters has been huge for me, they are my downfall….But,I can do moderation now and not have the guilt after eating them.

    Let you know how things are going….

  3. 4 brandy

    CRAP. 😐

    Fine. I guess if I HAVE TO. 😆

    You do know that I could very well kill an innocent bystander if I don’t have bread/carbs right??? And dinner….dinner is my FORTE!! I am queen of casseroles! 😆 Specifically ones that have lots of rice and noodles in them! 😆

    Okay, I’m in. (I cringe!) I will do a post about what changes I am making. And I guess I should buy a tape measure of some sort huh?

    I feel sick. Not sure if it’s from the vomitting kid yesterday or the fact that I just committed to giving up my food vices. 😕

    The crappy part is, I KNOW I can do this b/c I did it after Aidan was born and I got REALLY skinny, so I know I can do it again. Which means that I HAVE TO do it again. *sigh*

    Love ya B! 😀 ♥

  4. Brandy…WOW!…welcome in…
    and I could easily kill somebody as well without bread.

  5. 6 James

    I’m in on this. First update just posted. Good luck everyone!

  6. Fred, Join us dude! That would be awesome!

    Deb, outdoors is the best. When I can find something to do that’s natural, I love it. And breads are one of my biggie!


    Brandy, you can do it! Light on the breads. More browns/wheats. Do your casserole for lunch, and make dinner lighter. Glad your in 🙂

    James, sweet…I’ll check it out!

  7. 8 Darla

    HEY I AM IN MINISTRY AND I HAVE A FAT ARSE! JUST TRY TO KEEP ME OUT OF CHURCH MISTER! 😳 not what you meant huh? (three shades of red, and then finally submission) Okay I am in…here is my plan..only whole wheat breads, high protein foods, no sugar, and snackage like pretzels, and 6 glasses of water a day…with some excercise…I have slow metabolism…but I am not posting my wieght or measurements..I am standing firm on that… 😯 😆

  8. dude, we’re gonna miss ya at the rib joint 😆

  9. Darla…Haha!!! I love that you are working on this. we don’t need any of the details, we all just need to support each other in it.

    Scot…we’ll eat there on sunday…my day off 🙂

  10. 11 Darla

    I have actually been doing this for a while and have already lost 30 pounds…but I don’t diet on the weekends, and I limit my fat intake all week…although the oreo cookies are not helping but with no sugar and two oreos I feel justified! 😆 do need to do more walking..and I like it. just had to stop and mess with you for a little…Do vacations count?

  11. 12 Tawny

    OH MY GOODNESS! I am not supposed to be on this list. But I am. So, I will go take a walk this evening. That’s all I am capable of today. Because I am making steak quesidillas tonight and I am eating one. And I had a muffin and grapes for breakfast. I have lots and lots of work to do. I did add grapes for my health. Of course, adding without taking away probably doesn’t produce weight loss, huh? You guys are allowed to kick me off the list at any time.

  12. 13 tam

    Darla – hmmmm…do vacations count? Let’s wait and see when you get here? I say we break some rules fo sho!!!!

  13. 14 Darla

    hahahahaha! I thought it might work like that! 🙂

  14. OK – who are you and what have you done with the Real In Worship?????

    If i didn’t know better i’d say you were beginning to sound like… well, like ME! 🙂

    Seriously though, i am so glad to finally hear you displaying your GOOD eating side – not the ‘evil’ one 👿 for all blogland to admire.

    WE have the same Goal! (lose 20 lb – but i call it 10 Kgs) I’m eliminating snacking on processed meat and increasing raw fruit. I might need some help on cutting down sugar (we only use raw)

    I can begin reducing more the quantity of my large meal for the day.

    I’m currently at 190lbs W: 42 and Ch: 46

    For exercise without weights i do push-ups and sit-ups/crunches. Riding a bike i found a fun way to lose weight while admiring my local scenery.

    For health i can recommend Tai-Chi – restores the body’s healthy energy patterns and aids joint mobility and is almost meditative.

    Good Works – to go with your Good Spirit! 🙂

    Tam must be so pleased 🙂


  15. Love, sounds good. I am glad I am getting some “health” approval.

    I’ll be getting on the bike starting this week. The weather is going to be great. We are actually going to hit 100 this week. i love it!

  16. Darla, you and Tam have fun while your here…I’m going to be good 🙂

    Tawny…no pressure 🙂

  17. 100? you are so sounding like me now! 🙂 and i am sounding like you – it’s wet and 60 something today 😦

    Enjoy your warmer days 🙂


  18. Congrats B and everyone on starting out on this journey. I went to weight watchers last spring at went from 186 to 156 in about 9 months. I’m now 165. My waist went from 36″ to 32″ and that’s held to the same. I never thought to measure my chest… I must have been born without a chest — I think its a genetic defect.

  19. I’m still going pretty strong over here. I’ve been committing to good eating M-F, and taking the weekend off, and getting 5 workouts in a week. I have all the great Beachbody videos, so I have a fun variety of workouts to choose from….which is great because I get bored easily. My goal is to lose 10 pounds, but more importantly I would like to bring my body fat % down…that reminds me, I need to go get my workout in!!! Good luck to everyone!!!

  20. Thanks Ric and keep it up Kristen!

  21. There ya go…I posted my weight loss plan today. 😉

  22. Way to go Brandy!

  23. you’re not very nice.
    i lost TEN pounds at the beginning of the year. that’s a dang-near-miracle considering how stagnant New Englanders have to be in the winter months.

    but, yes, too many stupid chocolate chip cookies during vacation.
    you must be prophetic.
    or i’m just pathetic.

  24. Mandy, I am sure you are just fine…but if you feel the need, you can join us 🙂

  25. do they even KNOW that i DID NOT sign up for this???

    or are you trying to smear me in the blogworld???

  26. I’ll never tell 🙂

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