Garage Sale Find


So how do you go from a topic like “30 days To Live” to female hygiene? Like this…

Just went around looking at garage sales. Ladies please tell me…would you buy these from a garage sale???


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  1. Oh my. That’s just…..umm…….They are even opened!

  2. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  3. 3 tam

    NOT for $4.00!!!

    what a rip off!

  4. 4 Heidi

    Where did you find these? I was missing them for days.. 🙂

  5. Tam – What would you pay then? 50 cents?

  6. 6 tam

    IF that!

    really now.

    they’re open AND they’re larges!

    hmmm…of course – that may mean I could wear them 3 times as long.




    i think I would pay .50 cents

    but not before i offered a quarter first 😉

  7. What a deal! Superior dryness and only slightly used! The only thing that would make this funnier is if they had crossed out 42 and handwritten in 41!

    Tam – Forgive my ignorance but, stuff like this comes in SIZES!!! How does one know what size…..uh, never mind. My momma always said “Never ask a question you don’t really want to know the answer to”. I think this is one of those times.

  8. 8 tam

    Try’em on the return’em.

    or sale them at a yard sale.

    hopefully with the “tried on” ones missing


  9. 9 Heidi

    I hope so Tam.

    These people must be very very gutsy..

    .25 is too much for an open package.

    Truthfully, down here in Chula Vista. They would get sold; because we are only 8 minutes from the border. how sad 😉

  10. My sides hurt so badly from this post…freaking hilarious!

  11. 11 Cheryl if they are opened and for sale, what is the person who is supposed to be wearing them doing???? Are those pants laying next to them too??? Where were you guys, at the Manor? 😆

  12. Alright, you guys are killing me!!!

    I think maybe I should make a weekly series out of garage sale crap!

  13. Did anybody buy them? Could you ‘over night” em? I could give them to mama for Mother’s Day – along with that lemon scented can of Pledge! She would be tickled!

  14. 14 tam

    Papa – why I oughta!!!

    be nice!

  15. Papa, I am glad I know your not serious 🙂

  16. 16 alece

    people can be so odd.

    things like things have been known to be shipped off to missionaries in africa. as if opened packages of large maxi-pads is what we’ve been praying for God to send us.

  17. Brent – Tam: No – I am not serious! ha! Yet – if I know Tam, she would be very tempted to mail em! :o) Life is fun isn’t it Brent? God bless and be good to Tam this Sunday. Shucks, I was going to donate them to missions – Alece ruined that thought! ha!

  18. 18 Joni

    We always try to find the oddest thing we are selling in our own garage sales to see who will buy it and inevitably, they are the first things gone. And perhaps if I had a LOT of self confidence, I would totally buy those. Being open isn’t a problem. As long as they’re not used!

  19. They’re better than Swiffer, I always say.

  20. Nope. Nada. Never.

  21. And now after reading the other comments, mine is a wee bit lame. I gotta loosen up a bit.

  22. Tam said: that may mean I could wear them 3 times as long.


    I am SO GLAD it was not me who saw those at a garage sale. Could you just imagine the look on my face?!?! 😯 Seriously, I would die! HAHA!! 😆

  23. Alece and Papa, maybe you guys should work something out…Haha!!


    Jon, i never thought of that. I bet they would work.

    Theressa, I want to thank you for bringing some balance to this discussion 🙂

    Brandy, I am bummed, I actually bought them for you…

  24. Well B, I hate to disappoint you, but I really DON’T need them. 😆 But thanks anyway. 😉

    If you want to use them as packaging material for that CD though, that would be a good idea. 😉 😆 heehee

  25. What aisle/table were they in/on? Along with the box of romance novels and womens clothes? Not with the old tools and partial cans of paint I hope?! Now I’m wondering if they would be any good at cleaning up oil and paint spills in the garage… Now I’m thinking of staining and refinishing ummm… rags. Ok, that’s enough.

  26. Hey that was my garage sale! Nobody bought them though so I’lljust donate them to the church. NO seriously that is SO SO SO SO disgusting I am just shocked that someone would think anyone would buy them.

  27. Brandy, that’s a great idea!!

    Ric, jonsquared thought they’d be a good Swiffer. Bet they’d do great in the garage.

    Elaine, good to hear from you, hope your well! If your shocked at that, you’d definitely be shocked at some of the things…like this…donated to our pantry.

  28. Wow!

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